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5 ways to refresh your room without air conditioning
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5 ways to refresh your room without air conditioning

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It’s summer, it’s unbearably hot, and the only thing you want to know is how to refresh your room without air conditioning. If you are part of the unlucky ones who do not own an air conditioner, you probably already browsed the Internet for solutions to have a good night’s sleep despite the heat. After the heat records of this past weekend, here are some tips to stop stop sweating your life out and suffer from insomnia on those hot summer nights!

Also, if your nights consist of twisting and turning during heat peaks, here are 5 ways to refresh your room without air conditioning!

1. Close Your Windows!

It’s nice out, we know, we see it and we especially feel it. A gorgeous blue sky without clouds and a sparkling sun, it’s amazing to see, even when we live in a half-basement. However, one of the best ways to refresh your room without air conditioning in summer is to slam the door in the face of heat and to keep your windows closed!

If you do not have an air conditioning system, avoid opening windows at all cost during a heat wave. If you do, you’ll let the heat in and after that, good luck to try and rid of it before sleep time. Keeping your windows closed help to keep your house fresh and will definitely improve your sleep despite the heat outside.

2. Use Fans to Refresh Your Room Without Air Conditioning

If you have a ventilation system on the ceiling of your room, use it! Did you know that the direction in which the palms are going is important? Try to have them go counter-clockwise in order to create a colder wind and to refresh your room without air conditioning.

Another trick to protect yourself from the heat that’s currently winning favors with the public is to create your own air conditioning system. One of the most popular summer tricks is a do-it-yourself, who would have known! Simply put a large bowl of ice in front of an electric fan in order for your fan to push cold air around your room. It will give you a feeling of humidity and freshness, which is perfect to refresh your room without air conditioning. If it works long enough for you to fall asleep, why not?

3. Choose Your Bedding According to the Season

Have you ever heard the expression «summer clothes» and «winter clothes»? It’s the same principle that’s the basis of this trick. Choosing a lighter bedding will help you keep your mattress fresh and will greatly contribute to you finding sleep a lot sooner despite the heat.

Another way to refresh your room without air conditioning is to choose a mattress that does not keep the heat.

Polysleep mattresses are made of ventilated viscoelastic hybrid foam, which grants them the ability to identify pressure spots and reduce the mattress temperature. They are ideal on hot summer nights since they’ll give you freshness and comfort!

4.  After the Windows, Close the Doors!

If there are a few rooms in your apartment or your house that you know you won’t be using during the day, keep their doors closed. Those rooms will not be able to steal the fresh air, which will help you keep your room at a pleasant temperature. Keep your room’s door open so it can stay fresh until you go to sleep.

5. A Cold Hot-Water Bag

Hot-Water Bags are not only for belly pains and hot water, let me tell you! Another way for you to refresh your room without air conditioning is to place hot-water bags filled with cold water beneath your sheets, in strategic locations.

Fill one or two with cold water then stick it in the freezer for a few hours. Once they are ready, slide them under your sheet beneath your pillow and at your feet and enjoy the feel of freshness as you go to sleep. Simple but efficient!

Polysleep wishes you a good summer but more than anything, good night!


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