We keep repeating, sleep is a priority in life. We spend so much time on our mattress, sleeping or resting which makes it an essential and indispensable object in our daily life. That’s why if you want to sleep better, the mattress is the basic element that must be considered. There are currently two types of mattresses in the industry: those made of foam and those with springs.

However, it is not always easy to choose the right mattress for yourself, much like it is not always easy to choose good friends you can always count on! Here are the main reasons that will convince you that to opt for a foam mattress is almost like having a new best friend who will always be there for your good!

Let’s start by establishing a fact: Foam is one of the best raw material for a mattress! Let’s discover the several advantages of memory foam mattress. 

3 advantages of memory foam mattress

1. Foam is a material that adapts to your body

No matter what, the foam will adapt to your body. It will always try to adjust to the different curves and shapes of the body and to each of its movements. As a true friend, a foam mattress always fits you no matter how big or how heavy you are. Isn’t it wonderful?

2. Foam helps to reduce the pain and aches associated with sleep

How is this possible? Thanks to the ability of the foam to identify the pressure points and thus better distribute the weight on the entire mattress. More precisely, the foam eliminates the pressure points (where the pressure of the body is when you are sleeping) which reduce the weight applied to the joints.

It’s almost the same as a friend who listens to you to identify your problems and gives you all the tools/tips to fix them!

3. Foam gives you a quiet sleep!

In addition to reducing the various pains, a foam mattress is an ideal asset to have a quiet sleep without being bothered by the movements of the other.

As the foam absorbs the movements and takes the shape of the body, if another person sleeps near you and moves a lot on the mattress, his actions are absorbed and contained by the foam.

What about the advantages of the Polysleep Mattress?

To have a foam mattress that offers even more benefits, Polysleep has created a mattress that offers all the benefits listed above in addition to having unique additional features. The Polysleep mattress is the only mattress made of ventilated viscoelastic hybrid foam. This foam keeps you constantly cool when you lie on the mattress and allows the air to circulate continuously. Learn more about the characteristics of the foam used to make the Polysleep Mattress.

In addition, the ventilated viscoelastic hybrid foam has an antimicrobial property. It prevents the accumulation of mold in the mattress which allows you to sleep better for the next few years without thinking about this problem.

Knowing that a mattress will always be there to offer you the best comfort and support in addition to all the other benefits is the promise that Polysleep makes by offering the ultimate mattress. It is clear that with all these advantages, your Polysleep mattress will become your best friend every day!