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Getting Rid of Sleep Deprivation, Your New Year’s Resolution!
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Getting Rid of Sleep Deprivation, Your New Year’s Resolution!

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Everyone has to deal with sleep deprivation at some point in their life. Whether you suffer from insomnia or your bad day’s stress is keeping you from sleeping a nice, proper night of sleep, sleep deprivation is something that everyone has to face here and there.

The new year has just started and many among you have decided to get numerous resolutions to begin 2018 on a positive note. Some people will have to maintain a better diet as their yearly objective, others will like to increase the time they spend on sports, a few more will set travel this year as a goal and several will like to spend more time with their loved ones. In short, the possibilities are almost limitless, but not many people will think about getting a resolution that will target their sleep specifically, which is a crucial element in life. So what about getting rid of sleep deprivation as a resolution?

What Sleep Deprivation Does to Your Body

If you didn’t know already, sleep has an essential role in many daily aspects of your body. In fact, it’s when we fall asleep that the body can ensure many functions. During that rest period, the body puts some functions on stand so it can be more efficient on other tasks like the immune system for example. It is during sleep that the metabolism is at its best to fight infections and other diseases. When we suffer from sleep deprivation, it means the body didn’t have time to recuperate and build up its energy supplies.

It is the same for the cardiovascular system and for some parts of the brain such as the neurons that are less in demand. It allows the body to be more alert the day after. However, it is not all the parts of the brain that are on standby and some areas are quite active. Some active zones ensure memorization and integration of all the learnings of the day. Others are responsible for the secretion of different hormones throughout the body. In sum, many functions will be affected by sleep deprivation and it’s a wise choice to try and get rid of it. Those functions are only possible if you sleep and if you do it for a long period of time.

Know the Tools to Get Rid of Sleep Deprivation

The Polysleep mattress from upc lose

To help you get rid of sleep deprivation and be sure that you will succeed with your new resolution, you need the best tools related to sleep. It all starts with the basics.

  • Your mattress. It is the surface on which you sleep every night which makes it one of the most important and used pieces of furniture in the house. If you want your mattress to allow you to enjoy the best sleep, it has to possess two essential qualities: comfort and support.
  • It is much easier to find sleep in a cool room.
  • Find a schedule. Going to sleep at the same time every day will set your internal clock straight. If you go to sleep at varying hours, your body will have a difficulty to figure out when you’re sleepy and when you really need sleep.
  • Avoid naps. We know, nothing better than a nap mid-day when you’re sleepy. Unfortunately, these should be avoided as they might cut in your sleep hours at night.
  • Eating habits. It is unadvised to eat anything 4 hours before sleep. If your body is still using energy to digest, you will have difficulties finding sleep.

If these alternatives do not work, you can always try reading a book, listening to relaxing instrumental music or environmental (rain) or even try aromatherapy. There are plenty of ways to ensure you get a good night’s sleep.

Knowing and applying all those tricks makes it almost too easy for you to respect your new year's resolution of getting rid of sleep deprivation. No more need to rack your brain to find the next resolution in 2019!


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