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No Need to be Underwater to Talk About Apnea
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No Need to be Underwater to Talk About Apnea

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Sleeping is one of the most important activities of the day, even though we tend to underestimate its impact. Too often, we undervalue the effect of a lack of sleep when we should consider it as a major issue. Many troubles are known for disturbing your sleep. It is then important that you can recognize and categories them to be able to treat or at least reduce their negative effects.

One of these troubles is very common among the general population, is called sleep apnea. But what is this disease in fact? What about this common sleep issue might have terrible consequences on your life if nothing is done to treat it?

What is Sleep Apnea?

First,  you have to know that sleep apnea is a series of unconscious respiratory stops when someone is sleeping at night. It is not contagious! Sleep apnea is considered as a major problem when these breaks last more than 10 seconds and happen more than 5 times per hour.

Sleep Apnea’s Causes

The disposition of organs and muscles of the body can also be the main reason that causes this problem, like having a large neck with a receding chin, having a narrow pharynx, the dimensions of the respiratory tracts, smoking, gender (men are most likely touched by apnea), respiratory allergies, etc. are all predispositions that can encourage sleep apnea to occur.

The 4 Consequences of Sleep Apnea

Most of the time, people who will suffer from sleep apnea belong to one of three categories: overweight, old age or people who are snoring a lot.

Sleep apnea’s consequences are numerous and can become key symptoms to diagnose that you suffer from this trouble.

Most of the time, when somebody experiences sleep apnea, the following elements are be observed:


  1. More frequent and loud snoring
  2. Multiple awakenings during the night
  3. A persistent tiredness in the morning despite having long nights of sleep
  4. Multiple breathing breaks during sleep (which are noticed by somebody else)


If one or many of these symptoms occur frequently over a long period of time, don’t hesitate to talk to a professional that will indicate you on what to do and how he can help you.

Don't Underestimate Sleep Apnea

It is important not to underestimate the long-term consequences of sleep apnea because they are serious and dangerous. If apnea is not treated, this problem leads directly to a significant increase in cardiovascular diseases.


The lack of oxygen caused by the multiple respiratory stops and the increase of arterial pressure and heartbeat due to several brutal nocturnal awakenings explain why the risks are a real threat when suffering from apnea. Also, with the accumulation of a lack of sleep that can never be completely compensated for sleep apnea can greatly reduce the quality of life and can lead to depression.


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Sleep Apnea Solutions

To finish on a positive aspect, it is possible to treat, cure and put an end to this sleeping problem. Here are some solutions to deal with sleep apnea:

  1. Beginning a change in your lifestyle: losing weight, quit smoking, treating your allergies, etc. For the parts that you can’t change such as your body’s disposition, a dental prosthesis that prevents obstruction of the respiratory tracts is definitely a solution to consider.
  2. Using a specialized machine (facial mask) that continuously blows air into your nose to allow you to breathe all the time when wearing it.
  3. Sleeping on a good mattress which allows you to lie down comfortably and find the ideal position. What you need is a soft, firm and balanced bed such as The Polysleep mattress.
  4. The last solution that is only available for extreme cases is surgery that might be the only way to make sleep apnea disappear once and for all. When it’s time to talk about sleep, you should never leave it to chance.

If you suffer from Sleep Apnea, you will find more information on the website of the Canadian Sleep Society.


This crucial activity is the starting and the ending point of your day! Don’t hesitate to look for the best ways to improve it and make it as close as possible to perfection!


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