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Are foam mattresses recyclable? This is what Polysleep says about it!
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Are foam mattresses recyclable? This is what Polysleep says about it!

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How to recycle your mattress? Start by giving it a second life!

If your bed does not have terminal foam cancer, and it can still be used, there’s nothing to stop you from finding a new owner for it. For example, you can donate it to a non-profit organization that can donate it or put it up for sale. By doing so, you are extending the life of your mattress, which will take the place of a new mattress in another home, at least for a while! You hence avoid having a new foam mattress produced immediately, with the resources that this involves and the pollution that it can cause.

In addition, you will be helping this same organization that will be able to finance the needs of its social cause, while helping those in need. So you’ll be not only environmentally-friendly, but also socially responsible by helping your community.


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But it's not that simple! To be sure, knowing that some homes can suffer from health problems, including bed bugs, many resource centres refuse used mattresses. If this is the case, you can turn to sites that sell used products, such as Kijiji, or donate online. You'll also save yourself the hassle of transportation! Isn't life beautiful?

“OK Google! But my mattress is mortally dead! Can I still recycle it?”


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“In this case, we have to use all the means at our disposal!” it tells you. You can already imagine deboning your foam mattress into fine particles for burial, like nuclear waste. Then Google adds: “You'll have to go through an organization that specializes in mattress recycling!” And then you feel relieved. In fact, there are companies that do just that, like Recyc-Matelas, which has recycled more than 300,000 mattresses since 2007.

Matt Canada, for its part, has recycled 650,000 mattresses and box springs, and is capable of processing metals, plastics, cotton and, in this case, polyurethane foam. By calling upon such players, you’ll be able to recycle your mattress, this way satisfying your green nature while enjoying your new foam mattress, which you can also recycle when the time comes.

Would you prefer to find out about recycling your current foam mattress first, and haven't yet purchased a replacement, that you would like to have in foam as well? Go directly to to discover our foam mattresses, which we deliver in a box right to your door!


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