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Do foam mattresses need a foundation?
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Polysleep mattress on top of a metallic foundation with a Polysleep box on the side


Do foam mattresses need a foundation?

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You've just replaced your old foam mattress for a brand new one and can't wait to sleep in it! But one question haunts you; does your new foam mattress require a bed base to support it? And since you've just invested a small fortune in your new mattress, you want to prolong its lifespan as much as possible. That's why you embark on a crazy but brief quest for information on the subject, by asking Google the age-old question: “Do foam mattresses need a box spring?” You come across this article by Polysleep on the subject. You've come to the right place, so keep on reading to get the answer!

A bed base for your foam mattress: less contact with allergens!

When asked if you need a foundation for your new foam mattress, the answer you would get from Google would be: “Not required, but veeery highly recommended!” And the search engine would be right, and for many reasons, starting with those related to your health!

The first one worth mentioning is the fact that without a bed base, you will necessarily be closer to the ground than with just the mattress. This is simple maths, since the box adds an extra layer of thickness to keep you off the ground. And that's a good thing! In fact, if you sleep on your foam mattress on the floor, you'll be much closer to the allergens that can cover the floor. Not great if you're allergic to dust or bacteria!


Woman in bed suffering from allergies because she doesn't have a foundation underneath her mattress


Second point: Sleeping in a foam mattress + a bed base combo allows for better air circulation. The logical consequence is that your mattress will store less moisture, which usually provides a perfect environment for mould growth. Thus, having a bed box will prevent you from being in contact with anything that could make you sick. You’ll sleep in a much healthier environment!


A bed base will allow you to sleep better while extending the life of your mattress!

First, let's get back to the better air circulation offered by having a foundation under your foam mattress. In addition to allowing less moisture to accumulate in the mattress, it will also allow you to always sleep at an optimal temperature. This better ventilation will be very practical during the summer season, so that you won't be found mummified dead in your room in the morning!

But beyond the temperature, a bed base adapted to you and your foam mattress will give you extra support. This extra support will enhance the support and comfort qualities of your new foam mattress, while preventing the layers from flattening against the floor under the action of your weight on the long run. Thus, the bed box acts like a suspension system for a car wheel; it is a shock absorber that will allow your mattress to last longer by preventing it from sagging.

Mattress on top of a foundation to make up a bed

Choosing the right bed base: several criteria to take into consideration!

The first criterion to keep in mind is also the most objective one: you must choose a bed base with dimensions sized to match those of your mattress. For example, if you have a single mattress, you will need a foundation for a single bed. For a double mattress, a double bed base. For a Queen mattress? As you can imagine: a bed base for a queen bed!

Next comes the type of construction you prefer, depending on your sleeping preferences. For example, if you like a firm support, combine your foam mattress with a slatted base (like the Polysleep Foundation!). You can also opt for a bed base that will provide advanced support for your foam mattress, which will surely be heavier. But one thing remains constant: whichever box you choose, it must provide uniform support for your shoulders and hips, while at the same time offering more flexibility in the head, neck and lumbar areas. So keep all these criteria in mind when choosing your bed base!

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In short, putting a foundation underneath your foam mattress is not mandatory, but is highly recommended. It will prolong the life of your mattress, while allowing you to sleep better with precious extra support for yourself. It will also prevent you from sleeping too close to the floor, therefore keeping you away from allergens.

However, you must take into consideration the size of your mattress and your sleeping preferences, while remembering that your bed base must always promote perfect alignment of your body when you sleep. Polysleep also offers a slatted base whose slat spacing has been specifically designed to offer maximum longevity to your mattress.


GID of the Polysleep foundation being put together

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