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Are memory foam mattresses dangerous for toddlers?

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Your little Mary Kate is coming in two months via Canada Post stork delivery. Congratulations to you and your spouse! You've already started to furnish her room and paint her walls, but you've forgotten the most important thing: the baby's crib! After some research on the internet, you see that memory foam is the star among foam mattresses, so some manufacturers offer baby models with this type of foam. But you want to make the best choice for your little one. So, are baby mattresses made with memory foam safe? Polysleep gives you the answer right away: N-O, no! Keep on reading to find out why and to learn what makes the foam Baby Mattress from Polysleep stand out!


Baby mattresses made of memory foam can obstruct your baby's airway!

The first and most serious potential danger is that memory foam baby mattresses can prevent your baby from breathing properly. How can this happen? Simply because of the properties of this type of foam. Memory foam reacts to body heat to conform to the shape of the body, providing individualized support and comfort.

“Cool”, you’ll say. “Well, less cool for Mary Kate”, is what we’ll tell you! Indeed, this foam is very well known for its elasticity. However, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, baby mattresses with a “soft” level of support increase the risk of suffocation if the baby is sleeping on its stomach. Indeed, under Mary Kate's weight, this type of mattress, including memory foam baby mattresses, could create a "pocket" around her face in this position, preventing your little one from breathing properly. A baby mattress must therefore be firm—that's non-negotiable!

As for the Baby Mattress from Polysleep, it’s of course made of foam, but not memory foam. This foam has been specifically formulated to give your little one the firmness and support that a newborn baby needs, with the result that her little body is optimally aligned. Mary Kate will not sink into her mattress and will breathe optimally, while receiving the support suited to her developing body!

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Memory foam mattresses for babies tend to become too warm!

One of the main disadvantages of memory foam mattresses is that they provide a warm sleeping surface, as memory foam tends to store body heat. Unpleasant if you're an adult, but potentially deadly if you're a baby!

In fact, according to the National Institute of Health, Babies are sensitive to temperature extremes and cannot regulate their own effectively. And there is a well-documented link between too warm sleeping environments and sudden infant death syndrome. So, avoid overheating for Mary Kate, and therefore ban memory foam baby mattresses from your list!


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With the Polysleep Baby Mattress, on the other hand, there is no risk of overheating. This is because it has a breathable Tencel cover, which provides incomparable freshness while being very soft. Add to this the fact that the mesh surrounding the mattress has been designed for better ventilation, and you have a mattress in which your little one will always sleep at the best temperature!

Unsavoury chemical compounds emanate from memory foam baby mattresses!

Last but not least, emissions released from a memory foam mattress can be dangerous for your little one. In fact, these mattresses can emit volatile organic compounds, including chlorofluorocarbons (the famous CFC!), formaldehyde and benzene. Research has shown that these types of emanations, when they come from conventional baby mattresses, cause irritation of the respiratory tract and a slowing of the airflow in mid-exhalation. Needless to say, as a parent you want to make sure that Mary-Kate doesn't come into contact with what a memory foam baby mattress may expel!

But with Polysleep's foam Baby Mattress, there is no risk. Really, the foam used is CertiPUR-US certified. This means that it has been produced without compounds that are harmful to the ozone layer, and that it emits very few volatile organic compounds!

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Polysleep's babyb mattress is parent tested parent approved by the PTPA association


So, we repeat: DO NOT CHOOSE A BABY MATTRESS WITH MEMORY FOAM! The risks to your baby's health are very real! Instead, opt for Polysleep's Baby Mattress , which you can discover and order directly online at polysleep.ca!

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