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Learn more about hybrid foam mattresses!
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Polysleep's Zephyr foam mattress


Learn more about hybrid foam mattresses!

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For some time now, you’ve been thinking about replacing your mattress, which literally and figuratively no longer supports you. And your colleagues, with whom you’ve been talking about this fundamental life project, are telling you wonders about hybrid foam mattresses, also known as universal mattresses. Why are they called universal mattresses? Because they offer a level of comfort that suits everyone! At first, you think it's a joke. But after a little research on the web, you’re starting to believe it! Read this article from Polysleep to know everything about this type of mattress!

How is a hybrid foam mattress built?

Usually, hybrid foam mattresses are made of 3 materials divided into as many layers. The first layer is usually made of latex. This layer offers a high level of softness, since latex is flexible and very elastic. It also offers excellent breathability with its perforated cells, as well as a healthy sleeping surface (it is an anti-dust mite material!).

Hybrid foam mattress components

Just underneath is a layer of memory foam. It has the particularity of conforming to your body via the heat you release for personalised support. It also relieves your pressure points, while offering excellent motion isolation.Finally, the third layer is made of high resilience foam, which provides most of the support offered by your mattress. So, its firmness helps to maintain incomparable support.The combination of these three different materials provides comfort that suits all sleeper profiles. Magical, isn't it?

The advantages of hybrid foam mattresses are numerous and very attractive!

The first advantage is related to the point mentioned above: excellent comfort for all sleepers. If you don't feel up to spending so much time looking for the perfect mattress, you'll only have to turn to one of these mattresses! Then you're sure to get a high level of comfort and support, as long as you choose the right mattress size!Another advantage of these mattresses: as they are made of foam, they can be easily compressed and put in a box. This box can then, as we do at Polysleep, be delivered directly on your doorstep! Handling a mattress has never been so easy. Once received, all you have left to do is install your foam mattress in your room and wait for it to expand to its full shape!

A compressed Polysleep mattress being taken out of its box

Polysleep’s hybrid foam mattress differences: a major advantage!

In the Polysleep lineup, the foam mattresses considered as hybrids are the Polysleep and Zephyr models. The first is composed of three layers, while the second has four. But unlike conventional hybrid foam mattresses, neither contains latex! This first difference will be essential for those who are allergic to this material.

Polysleep's hybrid foam mattress

What is a hybrid foam mattress?

Hybrid foam, also known as universal foam, offers an unmatched sleep environment of multiple layers, often latex, memory foam, and high resilience foam, for optimal comfort, body contouring, and motion isolation. A hybrid foam mattress is also known as a universal mattress.

Which is better: hybrid, memory foam mattress or hybrid memory foam by Polysleep?

Hybrid foam and memory foam are excellent mattress material options for sleepers. The hybrid memory foam mattress made in Canada by Polysleep is constructed with multiple layers of hybrid memory foam and high resilience foam, to offer true support even on the edge, the perfect temperature regulation and to relieve pressure, for a premium sleep experience.

The second difference is that both models have reinforced contours that make the structure of both mattresses more solid. The result: you’ll get a high level of support that will last long term with this increased durability!Now you know everything about so-called universal mattresses, including Polysleep's hybrid foam mattresses, and how the latter stand out! Do you need to replace your mattress? Discover our entire lineup of foam mattresses on, and order yours online!

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