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How to Go to Sleep Once Summer Is Over

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Back-to-school season has come and it is now time to learn how to go to sleep again. It’s also time to get back to a daily routine where you’re sitting all day long trying to pay attention to your teacher so you can learn something new.

Sadly (or fortunately for some), it also means that vacations are over and it’s time to get back to an everyday lifestyle. Among all the good habits you might have put aside during summer, sleep is often the one people underestimated the most.

However, it’s good to know how to go to sleep when you must restore your routine. Many studies have demonstrated that sleeping is a crucial action that can improve your success at school.

Why We Need to Relearn How to Go to Sleep After Summer’s Break

The first thing to know when you want to fix your sleeping schedule after summer break is to understand what broke it in the first place. Maybe you went to sleep later than usual because you were on vacation, maybe your sleep hygiene changed because your lifestyle changed. Still, it is important to learn how to go to sleep once you have to get back on a schedule.

At school or even at work, the impacts from lack of sleep on regular activities are significant. Many studies show that the time you are asleep is the moment when all you’ve learned throughout the day can be memorized and integrated into long-term memory.

It is during the REM (rapid eye movement) sleep that our brain is able to digest the information we received earlier during the day.

Therefore, with reduced sleep, you are shortening the amount of time your nervous system can use to help retain daily learnings. Knowing how to go to sleep is an important part of learning and, we don’t stress this enough, should be a priority for all students and workers.

What Problems Can Arise from A Lack of Sleep?

Lack of sleep can also be the main factor causing a low level of concentration and a tendency of getting easily distracted during the day.

If you learn how to go to sleep, you will be able to collect new information and have a better attention span. Without a good night’s sleep, your capability of collecting new information is negatively affected and you’ll suffer a short attention span. Staying focused in class or at work will then prove more difficult than necessary.

Short nights can also make us feel tired the next day which then affects our physical and mental condition. According to a study, one out of 4 Canadians don’t sleep enough and more than 60% of Canadian students feel tired during their morning classes.

If you know how to go to sleep, not only will you have a better physical health, but you will significantly reduce your stress levels which will result in you having a better mental health condition.   

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5 Tips on How to Go to Sleep Easier

What can we do to ensure having a good night’s sleep? Everything starts with the basics:

  1. Make sure you have a good mattress. To have a high-quality mattress that provides the right amount of comfort and support can make your sleep experience better and be beneficial for your body.

  2. Avoid eating before bed. Unless you plan on eating dairy or sipping on a hot bowl of milk and honey, it is highly recommended to not consume anything before bed.

  3. Regulate the temperature in your room. Fall nights can still be pretty warm. Make sure your room is at an adequate temperature before going to bed. You can also take a hot shower or a hot bath. The heat will increase your body temperature, but once you lay down, the fast decrease will help lull you into sleep.

  4. Drop all LED-lights and electronics at least 30 minutes before sleep. Your cellphone and laptops screen are made with LED, which stimulates brain activity. It is harder to go to sleep when the brain is still highly active.

  5. Finally, go to bed at the same time every day. It will help to set your internal clock straight and will help you go back to a schedule.

    With all these tips, there’s no way you can’t face your back-to-school routine with a smile! A good night of sleep can help you to get through this daily routine and can help make the start of this new school year a little easier.


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