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How to Go to Sleep Once Summer Is Over
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How to Go to Sleep Once Summer Is Over


How to Go to Sleep Once Summer Is Over

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The summer of 2020 will remain special for all of us. This is also the case for the new school year, which like every year has its share of challenges, of which sleep is one.

So how can we regain good reflexes for a better sleep this autumn 2020? Here are 4 tips from our team to help you sleep better this fall!

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted many of our habits. For several months now, some parents have been improvising themselves as teachers, while others are now working full time from home... We are each faced with new scenarios to adapt to.

We must face a certain degree of stress caused by the pandemic, which can manifest itself in sleep disorders. You can read our article on the effects of stress on sleep if you wish to discover methods to reduce stress.

And since a good night's sleep is essential to feeling refreshed, here are our 4 tips to help you face the new year 2020 head on!

4 tips to sleep better and get back to a healthy routine 


For the youngs and less young: go to bed earlier, step by step

After months of a drastically disrupted school rhythm, readapting children to the school environment is a real challenge.

This is also the case for adults, with some of them gradually returning to the office, and schedules that are also disrupted.

Our tip? Put the children to bed 15 minutes earlier each night according to their usual bedtime during the summer. For tweens, it is recommended to set the bedtime around 8:30 pm, and 9 pm for teenagers.

For adults, try to go to bed earlier each night, always before midnight but also at a fixed time.

Mother reading a book with her daughter on their Polysleep mattress

Get your electronic devices out of the bedroom

cellphone tablet in bedroom

Drop your cell phone or tablet at least 30 minutes before going to bed.

Your phone, cell phone or tablet are equipped with LED screens, which stimulate brain activity. It is much more difficult to fall asleep when the brain is in active mode.

Addiction to our cell phones is no longer a myth, bur a proven fact and it is essential to get as far away from them as possible and create routines for better sleep.

One of our tips? Invest in an alarm clock and take your cell phone out of the bedroom completely. Recharge it in your kitchen or bathroom, for example, to make sure you're not tempted!

Eat better! 

We can never say it enough, food plays a real role in our daily life. A poor diet will disrupt your sleep and therefore affect your energy level during the day!

The links between diet and sleep are therefore very important. You may think that by eating a heavy meal, you will sleep peacefully, once your stomach is full! However, the opposite happens at that time.

To help you eat better before you sleep, follow our guide to eat better at night before you sleep!

Turn your bedroom into a haven of peace!

Decorating your room is a key element in promoting better sleep!

Good bedding and a well-thought-out bedroom will affect the quality of your sleep.

Choosing the right mattress is of course essential. Having a mattress adapted to your needs, providing you with the right support is essential!

how to decorate bedroom for better sleep

But, it also means decorating your bedroom to create an environment of well-being in which you will feel good!

In terms of decoration, it is recommended to favour a refined room with minimalist decorative elements but also to eliminate electronic devices. In addition, the layout of your bedroom

We hope these tips will help you face the new school year with a smile! Believe us, IT WILL BE GOOD! 🌈




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