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The Ultimate Bed Wedge Pillow Guide!
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The Polysleep Wedge pillow made in Canada


The Ultimate Bed Wedge Pillow Guide!

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For years, many people suffering from pain or certain medical conditions have struggled when it comes to bedtime as their sleeping position exacerbates their problem. 

A bed wedge pillow, also called an orthopedic pillow, is recommended for many reasons, including for the reduction of snoring, improved circulation, and has also been known to alleviate symptoms of certain medical conditions. 

In this article, you’ll learn more about sleeping wedge pillows and the Polysleep’ wedge pillow which is made in Canada.

What is a bed wedge pillow and why to use one?

Happy woman lying on the Polysleep wedge pillow

A sleeping wedge pillow is exactly as it sounds. It is an orthopedic triangle pillow designed to elevate either the upper or lower part of the body, depending on where and why you are needing it.

It was originally manufactured with the idea of providing proper body alignment while sleeping, alleviating pain to allow for a better night of rest

The bed wedge pillow helps to improve the alignment of the neck, back, and shoulders of the user.

While there are many great benefits to using an orthopedic pillow, there is also a downside

It is rather large, taking up quite a bit of space in your bed. This may not be an issue if you sleep alone, but if you share the bed with your partner, it can become quite crowded. 

A foam bed wedge pillow can come with a higher price tag than a standard pillow. This higher price tag sometimes will deter buyers but finding a company that offers a risk-free trial period will help you determine if the benefits outweigh the higher price.

Choose the Polysleep Wedge Pillow!

How to choose a sleeping wedge pillow?

Woman lying with her back placed at a drastic tilt on the wedge pillow

A bed wedge pillow, just like with all other higher-priced bedding material, offers many different options when making your purchase. 

There is no one size fits all sleeping wedge pillow. Many considerations come into play when looking into making your purchase including:


Most triangular wedge pillows come in either memory foam or polyfoam. The latex foam wedge pillow is often cooler than a memory foam wedge pillow as it does not hold heat. However, if you have a latex allergy, you should be cautious.


The sleeping wedge pillow incline ranges from 7 to 15 inches with each level providing benefits for different conditions. There are three levels when it comes to sizing a bed wedge pillow: high riser, mid-level riser, and "the sweet spot".

  • High-riser: measures approximately 15 inches, providing quite a drastic incline to users.
  • Mid-level riser: measures between 10-12 inches, providing a good amount of height, or a good amount of incline, without being too overpowering.
  • The sweet spot: measuring approximately 6-8 inches, is the ideal incline for most users.

Firmness level: 

The position in which you tend to sleep and the firmness level that will benefit you the most go hand in hand. The best wedge pillow typically comes in either medium-firm or firm. This is where you must take both factors into consideration when making your purchase.

  • Side sleepers often prefer the medium-firm bed wedge pillow, as it provides a nice cushion and really cradles the user in all the right spots.
  • Back sleepers opt for the firm bed wedge pillow, as it provides a great amount of support and prevents sinkage, allowing for proper alignment as well

In addition to the above-listed considerations when purchasing the best wedge pillow made in Canada, there are a few other things to be mindful of:


Triangular wedge pillows come with a higher price tag than a standard pillow, therefore you must consider the price of the pillow compared to your available budget.


Ensure you choose a bed wedge pillow that supports you in all areas you are needing additional support.


Read the fine print of the warranty attached to the pillow you intend to purchase, determining what is and what is not covered by the warranty, as well as how long the warranty extends.

Trial period: 

Look for a company that is offering a risk-free trial period, with free shipping and easy returns. This will allow you to determine whether this orthopedic pillow is right for you without fully committing

Who should use a bed wedge pillow?

Woman lying with her legs elevated on the Polysleep bed wedge pillow

A sleeping wedge pillow can be used by just about anyone. However, there are some people who would benefit more than others. 

Wedge-type pillows are used for support and alignment among other things including:

Acid reflux, medically referred to as gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a chronic digestive disease resulting in stomach acids moving up through the esophagus, throat, and mouth. It causes a burning sensation in the chest of those who suffer from this condition and laying flat exacerbates the symptoms. 

A bed wedge pillow, sometimes referred to as an acid reflux pillow is recommended, even a lower profile wedge, to keep the user elevated helping to keep the stomach contents where they should be.

Doctors often recommend that patients with poor circulation elevate their legs for an extended period of time, helping the blood to flow throughout the body and return as it is intended.

When you are asleep, your tongue is relaxed and able to kind of fall to the back of your throat resulting in loud snoring. Sleeping with your head elevated helps to keep your tongue flat, reducing the risk of snoring or worse, sleep apnea.

The healthiest position during pregnancy for both mother and baby is to lie in the left, lateral recumbent position, meaning to sleep on your left side

It is not uncommon to have a hard time getting comfortable while sleeping, especially as you near the end of your pregnancy. A bed wedge pillow may be recommended to provide added cushion and support, helping you to get a good night’s rest.

Improper spinal alignment while one is sleeping is associated with back, neck, and shoulder pain. When the pain becomes too intense, it begins affecting your sleep and overall well-being. A sleeping wedge pillow aids in holding proper alignment thus relieving the amount of pressure placed in these areas resulting in a decrease in pain.

A bed wedge pillow may be used to enhance sexual intercourse for both parties. It can help with sexual positions and in alleviating pain for those who experience painful intercourse.

Learn more: Acid reflux and sleeping position

Woman's stomach suffering from acid reflux

Polysleep’s bed wedge pillow made in Canada

Polysleep’s orthopedic wedge pillow is made of premium hybrid foam, also known as premium hybrid viscoelastic foam. It offers a density of 3 lb/ft3 and is ISO 20743 certified.  

The pillow is also wrapped in an organic Tencel cover.

The Polysleep bed wedge pillow consists of multiple layers with the first layer containing KulKote® cooling technology that is used to regulate the temperature for optimal comfort. This technology helps to absorb and dissipate your body’s heat. 

 Not only does this pillow keep you cool, but it offers many other benefits including:

  • Pressure relief
  • Enhanced respiration and digestion
  • 30-night risk-free trial
  • 2-year warranty
  • Free shipping and easy returns*

Customers find it helpful if they snore, have acid reflux or sleep apnea. 

Polysleep’s advice

Happy woman lying sideways on polysleep wedge pillow

How do I clean a bed wedge pillow?

Most triangular pillows are surrounded by a removable cover that is machine washable or can be professionally cleaned. The foam block itself should only be spot treated as soaking it can result in damage. 

As always, it is best to follow the manufacturer-recommended cleaning methods which may vary.

Is a bed wedge pillow good for a baby?

A sleeping wedge pillow for a baby is not recommended, even if the baby has reflux, as a baby can not control its head movements. Using any type of pillow for a baby poses a serious threat.

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The Polysleep Pillow certified antimicrobialfoam

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