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When and why buy a custom foam mattress?
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The custom Polysleep foam mattress to your specifications


When and why buy a custom foam mattress?

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There are plenty of reasons to consider a custom foam mattress

Whether you are shopping for your home, an RV, or non-standard bed size, sometimes only a custom-made foam mattress will work. 

Your hybrid mattress expert, Polysleep, tells you all you need to know about custom foam mattresses and whether they may be the best choice for you — or if an alternative will work. 


What is a custom foam mattress?


The custom foam mattress

As the name implies a custom foam mattress is a foam mattress, that is made to order and work within your specifications

It isn’t only about the size, thickness, length, width, etc. 

It is also about the types of materials used in the mattress and whether or not the foam mattress is supported with coils for added support and firmness.


Can I have a custom foam mattress?


A custom foam mattress can be worth a significant amount of money

Yes, you can. It is a little more difficult to find custom foam mattresses and you may pay quite a sum of money for them

However, there are businesses throughout Canada that offer custom mattresses to meet your needs, including those listed below.

Depending on your specific needs though, you may find mattresses that work for you at various mattress retailers, such as our Polysleep RV’s mattress or our crib mattress.


Why buy a custom foam mattress?


Why buy a custom foam mattress ?

There are times when you need to purchase a custom size foam mattress, and many reasons why you might like to buy one. 

Whether you’re looking for a bed in a nonstandard shape or size (like a round-shaped bed), or need more input into the firmness or materials, a custom mattress offers you the control and flexibility you might want. 

Sometimes, purchasing a custom mattress is the most cost-effective way to ensure your needs are met in the mattress you choose. 

Some people have special medical needs, are exceptionally tall, or simply have a difficult time finding a comfortable fit among widely available mattress types and sizes.


When do I need one?


There are many instances in which you may need a custom foam mattress to get the comfort and support you require while also meeting other mattress needs for size, space, and other concerns.

  • Custom Bed. 

This includes a variety of different shapes, sizes, etc. For instance, round or heart-shaped beds will certainly need custom mattresses. 

It can also include heirloom or antique mattresses made in sizes that aren’t widely available today, as well as handmade mattresses for people who have unique length requirements or other needs.

  • Uncommon space. 

Not all mattresses are designed to go inside the home. Some are meant to fit unique or uncommon spaces, like a custom foam mattress for RV, for v-berths on boats, for truck cabs, and more. These unique spaces are often non-standard dimensions and require custom mattresses to fit.

  • Uncommon use. 

Not all mattresses are made for sleeping. For instance, filming studios often use custom made memory foam mattresses for stunt work or other needs and special projects.

  • Special health needs. 

Some people have bad backs. Others may require specialized pressure point relief, or additional edge support. Whatever your specialized health needs may be, there are times when a custom foam mattress is an ideal solution.

  • Different partner needs.


Different partners needs to choose a foam mattress

Finding the perfect mattress for a single person can be quite a challenge. Meeting the needs of two people with different preferences of specific mattress needs can be an even greater challenge. 

However, custom foam mattresses, such as a split king or split queen mattress, can help with that, allowing each partner to get the comfort and support that works for their needs.

As you can see, there are many reasons why people need custom foam mattresses. This is especially the case if you cannot find major mattress retailers that can accommodate your needs or offer viable sleep solutions.


Is a custom mattress worth it?


In most cases, custom foam mattresses aren’t worth it. They require additional effort and costs that might be met with existing mattresses on the market today. 

It might be wise to consider alternatives that are more budget-friendly, if there are appropriate options available.

Keep in mind that many times, you can find what you’re looking for in terms of foam density, hybrid constructions, hypoallergenic, etc., if you understand what various terms mean. 

The better you understand the construction of mattresses and materials used to make them, the more informed you'll be when you make buying mattresses decisions, including non-custom mattresses, that meet your needs. 

Learn more : Mattress Dimensions: How to make the right choice?

A woman in front of her laptop sitting on her Polysleep bed drinking her coffee

Consider the instances and factors below that may meet your needs before you go to the added costs of finding a custom foam mattress manufacturer.

  • Mattresses for tall people. 

XL mattresses can often meet the needs of those who are gifted in the height department. Mattresses, like California king mattresses or Twin XL mattresses, are extra long to accommodate height needs nicely in many cases.

  • Mattresses for plus-sized people. 

Plus-sized members of the population do have special needs to consider when it comes to buying mattresses built to last. 

You need mattresses that offer adequate width for you and your partner to sleep comfortably, such as a king-sized mattress and of appropriate density to provide durable support.

  • Mattresses for RV’s.

For RVs and other similar sized spaces, you might consider specialized RV mattresses rather than ordering custom foam mattresses for your spaces. There are plenty of options available.

While there are plenty of times when a custom foam mattress may feel like the only option available to you, that doesn’t mean they are always the wisest solutions for your sleep needs. 

There may be other, and more affordable, alternatives that can work for you as well.

For instance, our foam mattress guide can help you make better-informed decisions about the size, thickness, and other relevant needs you may have from your mattress. And, our bed size guide can help you decide what size mattress will best meet your needs.

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The Polysleep mattress installed in a recreational vehicle

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