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Buying a Mattress Online VS. In-Store: Which is Better?
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Buying a Mattress Online VS. In-Store: Which is Better?

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Buying a mattress online vs. in-store has a lot of advantages. Unfortunately, most people won’t even consider it because of the fact that they cannot sit on it as they would in a physical store. What may seem like a big disadvantage actually isn’t, because there are guarantees that come with buying a mattress online vs. in-store. These guarantees, as well as the many other advantages, are why buying a mattress online vs. in-store is a better idea right now.

Polysleep’s experts have compiled a list of all the advantages of buying a mattress online vs. in-store to help you see the worth of buying your next mattress online. It’s time to revolutionize the way you shop for your mattress!

1. Buying a Mattress Online VS. In-Store: The Power of Choice

There are several reasons that may encourage you to buy a mattress online instead of through traditional in-store shopping. The power of choice is one of these advantages. What do we mean by that? We mean that while traditional stores can offer you a sit-down on the mattress that interests you, your choice will be limited to only a few models. Meanwhile, on the vast World Wide Web, you will be able to find an impressive quantity of models from various brands and incorporating different technologies. Variety comes in the form of materials (memory foam, hybrids, coils), but also sizes and shapes! When not limited by physical space, there’s nothing stopping merchants from putting out a lot more brands on the “floor”!

More than that, you can find everything on the Internet. From the best pillows to all sorts of sizes and products for your new bed. Buying a mattress online vs. in-store: it’s shopping made easier!

2. Reading the Reviews

Another advantage of buying a mattress online vs. in-store is that you can access reviews from previous customers. While your seller might be a very nice guy, he’s still trying to sell you something. Customers on the Internet won’t or don’t care whether or not you’ll buy the same mattress as they did. You might as well use their opinions to help you decide which product you’ll buy. Make sure to read as many negative and positive reviews as you can! It’s definitely not something an in-store purchase can offer. If the website you are shopping on does not let you access previous customer reviews, note down the name of the mattress that interests you and find it on another website.

3. Away With Time-Consuming In-Store Shopping!

Shopping in a physical location is time-consuming, let’s agree on that. First, you have to get dressed and drive all the way to the mattress store. And then you have to spend time sitting on several mattresses trying to let your bottom decide if that’s the surface you want to sleep on for the next several years. Talk about wasting time! Buying a mattress online vs. in-store has another big advantage in time saving. With only a few clicks, you can choose your mattress and have it delivered to your door! You could choose your next mattress in less than 30 minutes that way, and you won’t even have to leave the comfort of your home.

4. Buying a Mattress Online Vs. In-Store Isn’t Only Time Saving

… it’s also money saving. The kind of savings we like the most. Why? Because most online mattress companies will offer you free delivery to your door, whereas some brick-and-mortar stores have you pay a small delivery fee. And some might not even offer delivery service, which will force you to rent a truck or pay some movers to do it for you. That’s lame, and you deserve better. Buying a mattress online vs. in-store is a gift, because your next mattress is delivered to your door, often for free.

Buying online also has advantages when it comes to pricing in general. Many companies will offer discounts or better prices than physical stores. You can even select various payment methods!

Now that you have discovered the main advantages of buying a mattress online vs. in-store, how about some shopping?



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