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Unsure? Compare Facts Between Polysleep, Endy, and Casper!
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Casper vs. Endy vs. Polysleep | Which one is the best mattress?


Unsure? Compare Facts Between Polysleep, Endy, and Casper!

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Just as with any other industry in the home furniture sector, the mattress industry is constantly improving! Remember when buying and bringing home your mattress was such a test of endurance? 

Today, most online mattress brands like Polysleep, Casper, and Endy have created their own version of a great mattress you can buy in just a few clicks!
For many people, making the decision to purchase a new mattress is a big commitment, as it requires both budgeting and time.

Since it is a frequently asked question, we have decided to compare our Polysleep Mattress to those of two of our strongest competitors, based solely on facts!

For those who want a quick overview of the main differences between the Polysleep, Casper and Endy mattresses, here is a table listing everything you need to know!


Comparison of the Polysleep,  Casper and Endy mattresses based on their characteristics and specificities


Casper is a US-based e-commerce retailer that sells sleep products, including their own mattress, online. The mattresses are manufactured in the USA.


The Casper mattress has 4 layers of foam:

  • Open Cell Comfort Foam: 1½ inches
  • Responsive Memory Foam: 1½ inches
  • Adaptive Transition Foam: 1½ inches
  • Durable Support Foam: 5½ inches


Casper designed its mattress to create a responsive but contouring feel for sleepers. It has the weaker edge support of the two brands.

WHY? You will feel it sink when you sit directly on the edge, standing in the middle or laying on the side.

On the contrary, Polysleep is the only retailer on the market to have a support frame around its mattress, resulting in greater edge support than the average mattress.

With only 3” of comfort layers (the top two layers), the Casper mattress feels unsupportive. The deeper sleeper can easily sink through these layers.

Let’s go deeper to understand the problems with the support offered by the Casper mattress…

The ILD (Indentation Load Deflection) is too weak

The ILD indicates the firmness of a mattress. The higher the ILD, the more support you get because the mattress is firmer. The top layer should not have a high ILD, as it is intended for comfort, freshness, and ease of movement. (Watch the video.) The ILD of their second and third layers is between 13 and 15. Our ILD is 30. 

An inferior composition

Polysleep has created a one-of-a-kind mattress with:

  • A ventilated viscoelastic hybrid foam topper
  • A soft-support transition layer
  • A high-density foam base
  • An extra-firm support frame

The hybrid foam makes our mattress unique as it is a viscoelastic foam with the properties of a high-end memory foam. The viscoelastic foam will identify the pressure points, and lower the temperature and the firmness of those points in seconds while contouring your body. 

We loved the liquid-repellent cover and the cool, comfortable support of the Polysleep mattress! 
 Mattress Junkie

Our (Polysleep) 3” top layer vs. 1.5”(for Casper) makes the Polysleep mattress a much more comfortable mattress with a soft feel. The top layer should be at least 2“ so as not to feel the other layers of your mattress.

With Polysleep,you feel like you are sleeping on Cloud9!
– Jessica G.

Not only did we create a liquid-repellent cover in case an accident happens, but we also added mesh on the bottom of the cover to make the foam breathable. Any foam manufacturer will tell you that foam should breathe so as to enhance its properties! Also, the Polysleep top layer is anti-microbial and inhibits the growth of bacteria, for a cleaner sleep. 

The Polysleep top layer is anti-microbial



Another important aspect is the PRICE! Why pay more for an inferior mattress? Indeed, we all know that buying a mattress is a major financial outlay.

Our mattress is less expensive than the Casper: $895 vs. $1,295 for a queen-size mattress. You should be paying the right amount of money for the right product. Casper offers a more expensive mattress for the enhanced engineering you arguably get.



Endy is a Canadian e-commerce retailer that sells its own mattress online. The mattress is made in Canada.


The Endy mattress has 3 layers of foam:

  • Comfort layer: 2 inches of 3 lb foam (infused with cooling gel)
  • Transition layer: 3 inches of 1.8 lb soft support foam
  • Base layer: 5 inches of 1.8 lb firm support foam


Let’s explore the differences between the Polysleep and Endy mattresses…

A foam that takes time to return to its original shape

Endy claims to have designed a finely crafted memory foam mattress. 

The first layer of the Endy mattress has a memory foam that takes time to come back to its original shape. (Watch the video.) The Polysleep mattress has a much more reactive rebound. 

A good quality memory foam mattress should move with you rather than against you, without the feeling of being sucked back into your old position as you try to move into another one.

Instead, you should experience an almost floating, weightless feeling as pressure on your body is relieved.

Sagging on the sides of the mattress

One clear weakness of the Endy mattress is the lack of edge support. The edges are structurally weak and it’s easy to imagine someone rolling out of bed.

Just as with the Casper mattress, you will experience a sinkage when sitting directly on the edge, standing in the middle or laying on the side. 

This might be an important consideration for some people: That’s why we decided to add a support frame to our mattress, which results in much more edge support than the average.

Lower density and less reactive identification

The density of the 3 different layers of the Endy mattress is also lesser than that of its competitors; the higher the density, the better the quality and durability of the foam.

At Polysleep, we use superior quality foams for greater longevity. Our top foam is a Ventilated Viscoelastic Hybrid foam that is also antimicrobial, and which is recognized as the best memory foam there is. 

Immediately Responsive. As soon as you move, this mattress instantly conforms to your body shape. This provides an amazing feeling, regardless of your sleeping position.
– Honest Review

It’s a viscoelastic hybrid foam that reacts like high-end memory foam. The viscoelastic hybrid foam identifies the pressure points and lowers the temperature.

People who are looking for average to above-average firmness may be disappointed by the indentation offered by the Endy.

In addition…

  • The Endy mattress has been known to occasionally exude a strong chemical odor when you open the box, a smell that can last a couple of days. So, if you are sensitive to odors, go for Polysleep!

  • The cover of the Endy mattress has a nice look, but it is not liquid-repellent nor is the bottom made of mesh. Forget about drinking or eating in bed! At Polysleep, we know that accidents can happen, so we decided to make a liquid-repellent cover. Enjoy your lazy breakfast in bed over the weekend!

  • The bottom of the Endy mattress has no mesh. Mesh on the bottom of the cover, like on the Polysleep mattress, will make the foam breathe and thus enhance its properties.


The Polysleep mattress is $895 compared to the Endy which is at $850 for a queen size. However, the Polysleep mattress offers a better quality-ratio with more features (support frame, liquid-repellent cover...) and better materials. 


After analyzing the 3 brands, we can confidently assert that The Polysleep Mattress is a higher-end product with better features and quality-price ratio.

The quality of the 4 layers, the hybrid top foam, the extra support frame, the liquid-repellent cover make Polysleep a unique sleep experience. Plus, it is 100% made in Canada!

To compare some more, see Ben's review of The Sleep Sherpa or Mattress Junkie and Honest Reviewsthree sleep specialists who put our Polysleep Mattress under their microscope!


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