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Blanket vs Duvet vs Comforter: which one should I choose according to my needs?

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In summer or winter, we all (well, most of us!) need to cover up to sleep! In addition to our sheets (cotton, hemp, flannel, polyester, silk, etc.), we usually have a blanket, a down or microfibre duvet, or a comforter. But how do you decide between these options? Polysleep gives you the characteristics of each of them, so you can make an informed choice (or actually know what’s on top of your bed!).


White and blue duvet

The duvet has been gaining popularity for many years (even if you sometimes have to get in a wrestling match with it to keep it in place in its cover), and its price range varies greatly! Cool in the summer and warm in the winter, it can be filled with goose or duck down, which allows the air to circulate while absorbing moisture. Just shake it occasionally to distribute the down evenly and give it back its puffiness.

Its cover is ideally made of 100% cotton with a tight weave (because you don't want to pick up down everywhere), and its price generally varies between $200 and $2,000, depending on the size of the duvet and the quantity and quality of the down. Most people can sleep with a down duvet, unless you have allergies or asthma, in which case it's best to turn to synthetic fibre duvets.

The latter are much more affordable and are made almost exclusively of polyester. They have similar properties to down duvets and are ideal for people with asthma or allergies. They do, however, retain moisture, so if you're the type to sweat like a pig, it's best to avoid these duvets! The bulky microfibre inside is similar to down and, again, remember to look for 100% cotton covers for added comfort.



Backpack and textbook on a bed covered by a comforter

Your parents must have had one. You know, those bedspreads stuffed with synthetic fibers, stitched and sewn to keep the padding in place? Maybe you still have one on your bed! However, they don't really keep warm and are designed to be used with other blankets. Their big advantage is that they can be machine washed with the rest of the bedding, unlike down duvets, which require certain precautions.

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Dog napping under a blanket on a couch

Whether they serve as a throw on your couch (and keep you warm on TV nights) or as extra layers on your bed on cold winter evenings, blankets come in a variety of materials: microfibre, wool, acrylic... you may even be lucky enough to own a traditional catalogne woven by a family member.

Heavy blanket or light duvet, it's up to you to decide which blanket to choose to enjoy a good night's sleep!


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