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Top 5 of the best breakfasts in bed
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Top 5 of the best breakfasts in bed

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It's the dream of many women—and yes, many men too—to be served breakfast in bed (come on, admit it!). But how do you prepare all this? First, you'll need a breakfast tray; it's better than scattering plates on the blanket! (Sure, a cookie sheet will do just as well, but aesthetically, you could do better!) Most superstores have trays like this; it's up to you to choose if you prefer one with pretty flowers, an abstract motif or a Star Wars theme.

Then, think about what you would like to serve; and if your inspiration comes down to “2 peanut butter toasts with a glass of milk”, the Polysleep team will help you find tasty ideas with this Top 5 breakfasts in bed!


1. The healthy breakfast

Heahlty breakfast

    Orange juice, multigrain pancakes or whole grain oatmeal, fresh fruit, cheese... and why not a chia seed pudding with berries. In short, there's nothing better than filling up on vitamins to start the day off right!


    2. The “lumberjack” or sugar shack style breakfast

    Canadian style breakfast

      For this one, bring out the heavy artillery: bacon, sausages, creton, baked beans, eggs, slices of bread, maple syrup and a large portion of coffee to mop it all up. Given the size of this breakfast, it's best to prepare it on days off... and to avoid exercising right after!


      3. The French style breakfast

      French style breakfast

        Coffee, a glass of juice, croissants, chocolate croissants or “pains au chocolat”, like they call it in France, and other pastries, jams, etc. If you live in the city, there's sure to be a bakery or pastry shop near you, where you can sneak out and bring back these precious baked goods home with you. You can also buy some at the grocery store or even make your own, if you have the time and the skills!


        4. The “just like during my childhood” breakfast

        French toast with orange spread

          French toast was probably part of your youth, and it's almost always a winning choice for breakfast in bed! Childishly simple to prepare, there's always something comforting to eat French toast topped with fresh fruit and drizzled with maple syrup. Are you salivating yet? We are!


          5. The “surprise for mom and dad” breakfast

          Little girl making breakfast for her parents

            If you have children, you've probably been on the receiving end of one or more of those. Here, your little ones' imagination is boundless and you could end up with raw eggs (and still in their shells, if you're lucky), un-toasted bread, hot dog sausages, an apple that's already missing a bite, a glass of milk (in which the sausages might be dipped to make room on the tray) and, as a final touch, a piece of play dough representing a vase with a flower. But of course, who says breakfast made by young kids often says accident in the happening: either when the tray arrives or when Junior jumps on the bed... and you'll quickly end up with stains on the mattress if you don't clean them as soon as possible!

            How to keep your mattress clean

            But no matter how sophisticated your breakfast in bed gets, the best recipe is undoubtedly the one made with love!


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