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Five Ways to Make Your Chalet Winter-Ready!
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Five Ways to Make Your Chalet Winter-Ready!

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The winter holidays are so close we can almost taste them: the piping hot chocolate, full to the brim with little marshmallows, savoured by a toasty fire... Nothing makes us happier than the prospect of a scenic weekend at the chalet during the holiday season, and of cozy, happy sleep, with a view of a frosty lake and white-tipped trees after a day spent having fun in a winter wonderland!

With Chalet season approaching, Polysleep proposes to you five ways to get the most out of your winter holidays at the chalet!

1. Stock Up On Snack Provisions

Nothing ruins a holiday mood like a lack of tasty treats to eat; who wants to come back from a vigorous walk through the snowy hills, only to find that you’ve run out of crusty bread and Nutella? Make sure that you have plenty of bites, spreads, and hearty carbs to stave off ruinous Holiday Hanger (anger brought on by hunger).

2. Wool, Wool, Wool!

Set aside the socks you’re going to bring, then double the amount. Not sure about packing that classic Ugly Sweater? Throw it in the suitcase, AND bring its distant style cousin, your Turquoise Polar Fleece. Chalet Fashion is its own beast, where anything goes. And while what you wear is not necessarily affiliated with setting up your chalet, it’s definitely directly linked to the general décor. Let loose and knit up! Carrie approves ;) 




3. Nothing Sets the Mood Like Candles (Or Lack-Thereof!)

Amongst all the inventions great minds have produced, what comes close to the genius of the candle? Not much, except for, I don’t know, the best memory foam mattress, produced by this Canadian company, Polysleep… Maybe you’ve heard of them… Anyway 😉

There’s nothing quite as romantic as a candlelit dinner, but there’s also nothing quite as awful (and frightening!) as a dinner in pitch-black darkness. Electricity is at odds with nature out at the chalet, so make sure that you’re stocked up on candles in care of a power outage so that you can turn an emergency into a sweet, cozy situation. And, crisis or not, with the help of a few candles, you can create an atmosphere that would make a mockery of most fairy-tale scenes!


4. Set the Mood With the Perfect Scent!

Nothing says Winter Vacation like the wonderful smell of warm cinnamon and cloves wafting through the rooms, permeating the wooden boards and wooly blankets throughout your chalet… and guess what? You don’t have to break a sweat making five pies and homemade cider to do so! But how, you ask? Bring a Berger Lamp or two to your chalet with a small kit of select scents to generate a sense of blissful, sweet comfort.

5. Sleep Like A Log!

For a lot of people, a weekend at the chalet unfortunately means compromising on your sleep quality. Lucky for you, your partner, and guests, the Polysleep mattress is here to save the day (and night)! Forget the inconvenience of bulky transport; we’ll deliver directly to your chalet, your mattress conveniently contained in an easy-to-move-around box, anywhere across Canada and the States! Setup takes a handful of minutes, and your bed is ready to sleep on right away, so you can get to what is the most important and pressing to do while you’re at the chalet: RELAX!

You now have all the tips you need to have the perfect chalet weekend, without compromising your comfort 😊



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