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Are you supposed to flip or rotate your mattress or mattress topper?
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Are you supposed to flip or rotate your mattress or mattress topper?

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For decades, mattress brands have recommended both flipping and rotating your mattress. Yet, it’s one of those things that some people haven’t heard of or simply never do.

However, over the decades, mattresses made in Canada have become more comfortable, more supportive, and for the most part, more durable. So many people find themselves asking the question “are you supposed to rotate your mattress or topper?”.

Although this question may seem like an easy one to answer, it comes with a lot of considerations. Like if you do rotate your mattress, should you also rotate your topper? Should you flip your mattress and rotate it? Does it matter what kind of mattress or topper it is? How often should you flip or rotate your mattress or topper?

Below, we’ll answer all of these and more. So read on to learn everything you need to know about rotating and flipping your mattress or topper from our experts at Polysleep.

Flip vs non-flip mattress

For many years, innerspring mattresses dominated the mattress market. It wasn’t until foam mattresses made their debut and started replacing innerspring mattresses that flipping was called into question.

When innerspring mattresses were most common, flipping your mattress was a smart thing to do. It helped to extend the life of your mattress while keeping you comfortable and spreading out the wear.

However, most modern mattresses are different. Traditional innerspring mattresses had metal coils in the center of the mattress and a plush layer on either side, making it perfect for flipping.

Metal spring blocks designed for mattresses.

Many modern mattresses are built differently. Instead, they have a designated top side that is meant for sleeping. This top side is packed with foam and plush layers for ideal comfort, while the other side is much firmer and meant to support the softer top layer. Therefore, if you were to flip some mattresses today, you’d find it to be incredibly uncomfortable. 

That being said, there are some mattresses that are designed to sleep on either side. While this is not the norm, if you’re looking for it, it’s not difficult to find.

However, if you’re purchasing a quality mattress, it should be durable enough to support comfortable sleep for years after you first purchase it, so getting a flippable mattress isn’t necessary.

Should you rotate your mattress?

When it comes to rotating your mattress, nothing has changed, it’s still a good idea for most mattresses.

When you sleep in the same position on your mattress night after night for long periods of time, this consistent localized pressure causes that area of the mattress to wear down and sag faster than the rest of your mattress.

Therefore, rotating it will spread out the wear and extend the lifespan of your mattress.

How often should you rotate a mattress?

Every mattress is a little bit different and how often you should rotate your mattress depends largely on the type of mattress.

Latex mattresses and memory foam mattresses should be rotated once or twice each year.

Newer innerspring mattresses should also be rotated once or twice each year, while older innerspring mattresses need to be rotated between two and five times a year, depending on the wear. 

If you do plan on rotating your mattress, make sure to keep it consistent. So if you have a memory foam mattress and rotate it every six months, stick to that schedule as best you can.

How to rotate a mattress by yourself?

  1. Remove your sheets, mattress cover, pillows, and any furniture away from your bed.
  2. Check to see if your mattress has turning handles, as they will help.
  3. Turn your mattress 180 degrees so that the foot of your bed is where your head was and vice versa. 
Polysleep mattress support contour

Memory foam mattress and rotation

Although the quality of the materials used in any type of mattress determines how durable, and therefore how long it takes to wear down and sag, memory foam mattresses generally wear down faster than other types of mattresses.

If you’re looking for a memory foam mattress with a support frame, check out The Polysleep Mattress. Polysleep also offers a luxurious, high-end memory foam mattress, called The Zephyr.

Should you rotate a memory foam mattress?

Because memory foam mattresses tend to wear down faster, it is a good idea to rotate your memory foam mattress. This will spread out the wear throughout the mattress and prevent premature sagging.

How often should you rotate a memory foam mattress?

Memory foam mattresses should be rotated every 6 months or once a year to ensure that they last as long as possible while still providing you with comfort and support while you sleep.

Should you flip your mattress?

As we discussed earlier, some mattresses are not designed to be flipped at all. However, there are some reversible and two-sided mattresses that can be flipped. If you have a reversible mattress, then you should flip your mattress regularly.

Do they still make mattresses you can flip?

Yes, reversible/dual-sided mattresses are still available to purchase. Just make sure that you buy a mattress that explicitly states it is two-sided or you will be unpleasantly surprised when you flip it.

Do you flip memory foam mattresses?

Most memory foam mattresses are not reversible, so unless the mattress company states otherwise, you should not flip your memory foam mattress.

When to flip a mattress?

Similar to rotating a mattress, you should know when to flip a mattress. Ideally, you should flip your mattress before you start to notice any deteriorating comfort. Therefore, flipping your mattress every 3 to 6 months to ensure that your mattress lasts as long as possible. 

Can you turn a no-turn mattress?

No, no turn or one-sided mattresses should not be rotated. Similar to a one-sided mattress that is meant to sleep only on the top of the mattress and therefore shouldn’t be flipped, a no-turn mattress is only meant to sleep on either the left or right side of the mattress.

How to turn a mattress?

Turning a mattress is the same as rotating it, therefore follow the steps above on how to rotate a mattress.

Should you flip a memory foam mattress topper?

Similar to most memory foam mattresses that have a designated top side, most memory foam mattress toppers are the same.

They are built with a plush and supportive side that should be directly slept on, while the bottom provides support underneath.

Therefore, you should not flip a memory foam mattress topper.

Should you rotate a memory foam mattress topper?

Memory foam mattress toppers can be rotated like memory foam mattresses. If you use a mattress topper, rotate it along with the mattress once or twice a year.

However, if you flip your mattress, make sure to keep the topper on the top side!

Baby girl having fun on her parent's bed

When to flip an infant mattress?

Most infant mattresses come with two sides: a soft side and a firmer side. The firmer side is designed to support the infant while it’s still a baby, and the softer side is designed to support the child when they are a toddler. It’s always a good idea to first check with your pediatrician; however, the rule of thumb is usually 12 months.

The baby crib mattress made in Canada by Polysleep is an affordable, high-quality mattress that will make sure your infant gets to sleep and stays asleep. Plus, it’s made from organic Tencel cotton, is liquid proof, and comes with a 5-year warranty.


Rotating your mattress is almost always a good idea. So if you’re wondering “are you supposed to rotate your mattress?”, the answer is always yes, unless you have a no-turn mattress.

Rotating your mattress will extend the lifespan of your mattress, prevent premature sagging, and keep any lumps or dents from your mattress from forming early on. 

If you’re looking for a high-quality mattress that is comfortable, supportive, and durable, look no further than Polysleep.

Polysleep mattresses are all made with the highest quality materials to ensure supportive and blissful sleep. We offer different memory foam mattresses made in Canada for every kind of sleeper and every kind of budget, so check out what we have to offer today!


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