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How are hybrid foam mattress toppers different from other toppers?
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How are hybrid foam mattress toppers different from other toppers?

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Well, there you go. Your mattress is in the final stages of a generalized cancer of its components. You know that it will hold out for some time, although you will have to endure increasingly poorer nights of sleep as its health deteriorates. And that's what you're really afraid of: not being able to sleep properly.

But since you don't plan to change it right away because it's expensive (and you're emotionally attached to it), you need to find palliative care for it, and for you. That's how you started looking for solutions when one finally shows up: mattress toppers! Among the types of foam overlay for mattresses, the ones that come up the most on Google are the hybrid foam models. So, what makes them different from other mattress toppers? Polysleep has the answer for you!

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Hybrid foam mattress toppers offer optimum comfort-to-support ratio!

The first advantage of a hybrid foam mattress topper is the advanced balance between the support of your body, for a perfect alignment of your vertebrae, and the comfort provided.

The Polysleep model, for example, provides much better support than conventional memory foam topper, while remaining extremely comfortable. Yet, memory foam mattress toppers are among the best in terms of support/comfort, which says a lot!

Polysleep antimicrobial mattress topper being rolled out on a bed

And on top of that, unlike with non-hybrid foam toppers, you can count on optimum comfort from the moment you slide under the duvet to go to sleep. That's because memory foam needs warmth to conform to your body and provide you with all the support you need. In winter, this will necessarily take longer due to the lower temperatures. You might even feel like you're sleeping on a brick while your mattress topper warms up.

Hybrid foam mattress toppers always offer an ideal sleeping temperature!

Especially with Polysleep’s antimicrobial topper! In fact, our model contains ventilated foam with an open structure. This allows for better air circulation than traditional memory foam, which has the bad habit of storing body heat if it is not infused with gel. With a hybrid foam mattress topper, say goodbye to that nightly sauna feel in the middle of summer!

But what about when you're cold? Admit it, you can already see yourself buying a plug-in heated mattress topper for a cozy winter sleep. Or, if you're worried about setting your home on fire, you're thinking you might want to opt for a model stuffed with feathers and down. A hybrid foam mattress topper will keep you warm when you're cold and will be the perfect 2-in-1 all year round!

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Hybrid foam mattress toppers are extremely durable!

Finally, the last major advantage of a hybrid foam mattress topper is its exceptional durability. For example, Polysleep's antimicrobial topper is covered by a 10-year warranty. Yes, you read that right! In comparison, it's three times more than the ViscoSoft memory foam mattress topper, which is only guaranteed for three years.

This has the advantage of not having to reinvest several times for a topper over the service life of your mattress to extend its usefulness. You will then be able to save money and buy a beautiful model when your current mattress dies.

Young woman playing guitar on her Polysleep bed

Ultimately, hybrid foam mattress toppers are the best of all worlds!

By choosing a viscoelastic hybrid foam topper (preferably the Polysleep one!), you will have your cake and eat it too! First-rate support and comfort, an ideal sleeping temperature regardless of the season, and extreme longevity that will allow you to maximize the lifespan of your mattress and save money. Isn't life great with a hybrid foam mattress topper?

Now, all you have to do is get your own. If you still don't see the point of using a mattress topper, we think we can convince you of that too!

Why buy a mattress topper?

Close up on Polysleep antimicrobial mattress topper and its foam

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