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Hotel mattress, pillows, bedding and more questions answered!
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Hotel mattress, pillows, bedding and more questions answered!


Hotel mattress, pillows, bedding and more questions answered!

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If you miss the soft and luxurious feel of hotel beddings, getting them from high-end brands like Polysleep can help you get the same luxury right in the comforts of your home.

You can unlock the secrets of hotel beds and information on all hotel mattresses, pillows, and beddings over here!

view of a hotel room

What mattresses do hotels use?

Hotel mattresses can be hybrid, memory foam, or innerspring varieties.

While innerspring mattresses have sturdy coils to provide the necessary bounce and support, hybrid mattresses have a layer of soft foam in between coils to give you a more comfortable experience.

Some hotels use high-end memory foam mattresses, like our Zephyr Mattress, which have antimicrobial memory foam to deliver a memorable experience.

Many hotels offer a memory foam mattress topper that provides extra softness and absorbs motion, allowing you uninterrupted sleep.

One popular brand used is the Polysleep Memory Foam Antimicrobial Mattress Topper, made from antimicrobial memory foam. It provides the comfort and support of a high-end memory foam topper and protects visitors from bacteria.

close up view of a matress

What kind of pillows are used in hotels?

Hotels frequently use pillows made from down and feathers, although down alternatives and memory foam are also popular.

view of two sets of hotel pillows

While down pillows are made from the bird's inner plumage features, feather pillows use the outer layers of feathers of geese or ducks.

Memory foam pillows can provide support and softness, making them popular with hotel visitors. Some, like the Polysleep pillows, have four layers of hybrid foam that is antimicrobial and latex-free.

What down comforter do hotels use?

Hotels often use down comforters to provide a luxurious sleeping experience. Some use down alternatives made from synthetic fibers that mimic the softness of the down feathers.

A maid placing a bed down conforter

How big is a sofa bed in a hotel?

The size of a sofa bed is generally mentioned in the room description. While a double sofa includes a full-size bed, a triple sofa can extend into a queen-size bed.

How to make a bed hotel style?

To make a bed like a hotel:

  • You need high-quality mattresses and pillows from brands like Polysleep.
  • Invest in linens of 300 thread count to get the softness of a hotel bed.
  • Fold the sheets around your bed the hotel way using hospital corners.
  • Get a soft comforter to enjoy the luxurious experience.
two hotel maids making a bed

How to fold towels like a hotel

folded hotel towels

You can fold towels hotel-style in the following ways:

  • Use the trifold technique for stacking hand towels. Fold your towels into thirds vertically and then fold them in thirds horizontally.
  • Make animal shapes, like swans, elephants, and snakes. Decorate them with some flowers or ribbons.
  • Fold towels like fans and place them in baskets.

Do hotels charge for extra pillows?

Hotels usually store extra pillows in the room closets and do not charge for them.

Hygiene and Cleaning Advice

How do hotels keep their glass shower doors clean?

Hotels clean glass shower doors using water softeners that prevent buildups, making the cleaning process faster and easier.

Can you check for bed bugs in hotels?

To check for bed bugs, inspect the hotel bed thoroughly. Remove the sheets and lift the four corners of the mattresses to get a closer look.

Look for rusty stains on beds, mattresses, closets, and door nooks to identify bed bugs.

Can you sue a hotel for bed bugs?

Yes, you can sue a hotel for belongings damaged due to bed bugs infestations.

How clean are hotel bathtubs?

Soaking in hotel bathtubs can expose you to bacterial or fungus infections. You can carry cleaning products to give it a quick wash before indulging in the spa-like experience.

How are hotel sheets washed?

Many hotels wash their beddings first with a laundry detergent followed by a fabric softener. Lastly, they use bleach to bring out the whiteness.

How to get rid of ants in a hotel room?

If you find ants in your hotel room, you can inform the front desk to solve the issue. Contact pest control or use insecticide sprays to kill localized ant colonies if you are the hotel manager.

How to wash towels like in hotels?

Hotels use soft water and mild detergents to wash their towels and may also use baking soda to keep them soft and fluffy.

What do hotels wash their sheets with?

Hotels wash their sheets with peroxide-based detergents and use bleach to keep their white sheets from turning dull or yellow.

a maid inside of the hotel's laundry room

Practical Questions

How can you book a hotel without a credit card in Canada?

You can use a debit card to book a hotel in Canada.

Do you need an ID to book a hotel?

You need to provide a valid ID to book any hotel.

What time is check-in at hotels?

Most hotels have a specific check-in time, around mid-afternoon.

Can someone check into a hotel for you?

No, the person who checks in the hotel needs to provide their ID.

How to check out of a hotel?

You don’t need to check out of the hotel, but it is better to inform the front desk before you leave so that they can check your bills for irregular charges.

Do you have to return the hotel keys?

Though you are not required to return the used keys, it is safer to avoid potential future charges by returning them before leaving.

Can you extend a hotel stay?

You can extend a hotel stay simply by making another reservation at the front office.

Can you get a hotel for a few hours?

Yes, they are called a day-use room, and you can vacate them in a few hours.

Can someone book a hotel for me?

Yes, someone can book a hotel for you by mentioning that you are checking in as their guest.

Can you book a hotel if you are under 18 in Canada?

You need to be at least 18 years old to book a hotel in Canada. Any age below that is not allowed.

How to connect ps4 to hotel Wi-Fi?

Connect ps4 to the hotel TV. Go to the settings and select the Toolbox icon. Go to Network from Toolbox options and select "Set Up Internet Connection." Locate your hotel's Wi-Fi network and select it. It will prompt you for a password. On typing the password, your ps4 will get connected.

Can hotels see what you are browsing?

Hotels can track the websites you visit and how much time you spend browsing the internet.

Can you live in a hotel?

Yes, some hotels allow you to stay indefinitely if you pay the required room charges.

Can I get pizza delivered to my hotel room?

Yes, you can surely get pizza delivered to your hotel room, provided they allow outside food inside the hotel premises.

Can you request a microwave at a hotel?

Yes, you can request a microwave at a hotel if they have one available.

Do hotels have balconies?

Hotels can have balconies, particularly if they are located in warm places and hotel policies allow them.

Why don't hotel windows open?

Most hotels have AC, and they have fixed windows to maintain the room temperature and restrict visitors from throwing out things or even jumping out!

How to find hotels along a route on google maps?

Type hotels on the Google map and press “enter” to find all the hotels nearby.

Hotel types

What is a boutique hotel?

They are small hotels accommodating not more than 100 rooms and are situated in trendy cities.

What is a love hotel?

They are hotels that offer double rooms for short periods, usually one to three hours. 

What are apartment hotels?

They are fully furnished apartments that can be booked as hotels. 

What's the difference between a motel and a hotel?

Hotels are large, enclosed spaces with hundreds of rooms. At the same time, motels are one or two-storied buildings found along highways where each room has a separate outside entrance.

What is a smart hotel?

It is a hotel with internet-connected gadgets that can interact with each other.

Some odd questions

Can you steal hotel pillows?

If you steal hotel pillows, you might have to pay charges for them.

How to find out someone's hotel room number?

Hotels do not give away guests' information to third parties as it is against privacy laws.


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