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How to clean a foam mattress topper?
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How to clean a foam mattress topper?

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You get up one morning, and it smells like skunk. But you've never seen one in your neighbourhood, and you check every night that everything is closed before you go to bed so that John your cat, and Rambo your dog, don't run away. After investigating, you realize that your topper is the cause of the bad smell. Immediately, you think that washing it will be an unending task, much to your despair. But in order to have a clear conscience before giving up, you check the scope of work by looking up “how to clean a foam mattress topper?” on Google, and wham! You come across Polysleep's guide on how to easily clean your foam topper. So cheer up and read on. You'll see, it's easy!

“So how do I clean my foam mattress topper?”

No machine, handwash!

What is the answer of the all-knowing search engine? "By hand, of course." You can already see yourself having to remove stains with your nails! But as you read the search results, you understand that it's better to clean your mattress by hand and not by machine. In fact, the lining of your mattress topper could deform, making it uncomfortable and shortening its useful life. Hand washing is therefore preferable if you want to maximize its longevity!


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Hand washing your foam mattress topper 101.

Here's a multi-step method that is perfect for removing perspiration, among others, to be done monthly or every two months:

  1. Vacuum your mattress topper at maximum power to remove as many dust mites and their bacterial friends as possible, as well as your dead skin and nail clippings.

  2. While you're at it, repeat this step with the mattress, it will be good for it!

  3. In your bath or a large tub, pour water and the equivalent of a cup of white vinegar.

  4. Immerse your foam mattress topper in the solution. Gently rub it to allow the solution to penetrate.

  5. Let it rest in the mixture for a few minutes.

  6. Rinse it with clean water under the tap. Do not immerse it in a bath of clear water!

  7. Make sure that there are no residues or excess water. However, do not wring it out like a sponge, as this could damage the lining!

  8. Don't hesitate to rinse it a second or even third time if necessary.

  9. Let it dry in the sun. Avoid the dryer, which can damage the lining!

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The mattress cover, an indispensable accessory to protect it!

To protect and further increase the durability of your mattress topper, consider protecting it with a cover that is easily machine washable. While protecting your mattress from undesirable stains, it will significantly increase the lifespan of a foam topper!

“Are there any other methods to wash my mattress topper?”

Google says “yes.” And you laugh, “but then again?” and Google gives you more detailed results.

Washing the mattress topper with soda crystals.

Soda crystals are a really effective alternative for washing your foam topper. For this purpose:

  1. Pour the equivalent of a coffee cup of soda crystals into a litre of water.

  2. Dip a sponge into the solution and wring it out.

  3. Rub the surface of the mattress topper with elbow grease and double the effort on stains. Be careful not to soak the foam with too much water to prevent the growth of mould.

  4. Wipe again with a clean washcloth soaked in clear water.

  5. Let your mattress topper dry in the open air.

Cleaning with ammonia:

This is particularly indicated if your mattress topper is really dirty!

  1. Mix a few drops of dishwashing liquid with three spoonfuls of ammonia in a litre of moderately hot water.

  2. Wash your mattress topper and hop, that's it!

Baking soda: for unsightly stains!

Baking soda with detergent and pile of dirty


Baking soda is a true miracle product, and your mattress topper will thank you for it! It's a really effective solution for unappealing stains such as urine or sebum.

To do this, use baking soda as follows:

  1. Apply the powder on the entire surface of the mattress topper.

  2. Let it rest for 12 hours.

  3. Vacuum the baking soda.

  4. And hop, you’re done!

“But how do I disinfect and deodorize my mattress topper?”


There’s more than one way! And Google gives you several methods:

  • You can first use a solution made of water and a few drops of tea tree essential oil, which you will spray on your mattress topper. Perfect as a disinfectant but also to deodorize it!

  • You can also make a mixture of homemade essential oils by mixing equal quantities of lemongrass, lemon and palmarosa.

  • A mixture of alcohol at 70°C and lemon essential oil mixed with water will allow you to make the unpleasant odours disappear.

  • Finally, sprinkle talcum powder over the entire surface of your foam mattress topper and leave it to rest for several hours. Then vacuum up the powder, and that's it! Gone are the smells, and they won't come back!

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Now you know all about how to clean and care for your foam mattress topper! You see, it's not that difficult! All you have to do is get started. Cheer up! It's going to be all right. However, if your mattress is on the verge of dying, you can always visit, where you'll find antimicrobial foam mattresses that will easily maintain a healthy sleeping surface over time while offering you high-quality support that doesn't require the addition of a topper!

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