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Mattress financing: it’s possible with Polysleep!
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Mattress financing: it’s possible with Polysleep!

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The time of death has come for your mattress. You know it because you haven't been sleeping well for a few days, between your back pain which is getting worse, and the feeling of surfing every night because of how wavy your mattress is with its pronounced hollow in the middle. But you weren't planning to replace it right away, either because your wallet isn't in the best shape, or because there are other purchases to prioritize these days. For all that, it's a pressing matter. That's how you tell yourself, “Let's go crazy!” and you dare to ask Google the following question: “Is it possible to finance a mattress?” That's how you came across this Polysleep blog. Keep on reading to find out more about the advantages of financing the purchase of one of our mattresses, and how to do it!

Do you need to replace your mattress right away? PayBright is THE solution!


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At Polysleep, we're for equal sleep opportunity: everyone should be able to get a foam mattress that fits their budget and needs, for a fantastic night's sleep! That's why we decided to partner with PayBright, a company specializing in E-Commerce financing solutions, so that we can offer the incomparable quality of our foam mattresses to as many people as possible.

Through PayBright, Polysleep is able to offer you financing with reasonable monthly payments with no hidden fees, for our Origin, classic Polysleep and Zephyr foam mattress models, from Twin to King Californian sizes! But that's not all, each of our financing plans is interest-free. So, if you choose PayBright to finance your mattress, you'll sleep peacefully on it, without worrying about your budget!

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“Great, thanks Polysleep and PayBright! But by the way, how does it work exactly?”

To which we will reply, using the words of the Jackson Five, “it's easy as 1-2-3!” And looking at the process to obtain PayBright financing, that's true:

  1. Choose PayBright when you place an order. To do this, add the Polysleep item you want to purchase to your cart, and select PayBright as the method of payment. You will then be redirected to their site to complete your transaction.

  2. Once on the PayBright website, make your financing request, which will only take a minute, and, icing on the cake, you'll get the approbation confirmation immediately!

  3. Now all you have to do is wait for your mattress in a box to be delivered to your door.

  4. There is no step 4!

Discover Polysleep's financing options with PayBright!

So by choosing a PayBright financing plan for your next Polysleep mattress, you'll have the best of both worlds: a foam mattress with an incomparable comfort-to-support ratio delivered directly to your home, and a financing plan with very soft monthly payments and 0% interest. Isn't life beautiful? But to get your PayBright financing, you still need to order your Polysleep foam mattress. To do so, visit!

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