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How to remove cat/dog hair from a mattress!
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How to remove cat/dog hair from a mattress!

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It's been several days now that you feel like you're sleeping in a furnace. You're much warmer than usual in bed! You begin to investigate, and you discover the source of all your problems: shedding from your dog Rocky and your cat Balboa. All the hair has tangled together to form the equivalent of an angora wool sweater crossed with merino. With this amount of hair, it's not surprising that you're hot! That's when you Google: “How do I remove cat or dog hair from a mattress?”. As a result, Google brings you to this ULTIMATE guide by Polysleep to help you solve the problem. So, if you want to get rid of Rocky’s, Balboa’s or any other kind of pet hair, keep reading!

Tip #1: Your vacuum is your best friend!

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It may sound silly, but it's not! In fact, the vacuum cleaner is a weapon of choice in the war against hair loss from your pet(s) on your bed! However, don't use the nozzle you usually use to vacuum the floor, which will by definition be dirtier than your mattress! To keep your mattress healthy, use a nozzle with a brush designed for this purpose, for easier and deeper cleaning of the mattress. Now, you know how to vacuum your mattress to remove dog or cat hair, whether it's made of foam or not!

Tip #2: Rubber gloves are magical!

With this trick, you'll need rubber gloves for more than just the dishes! In fact, you can use them to remove Rocky and Balboa's hairs in the blink of an eye. Just slip on a pair of gloves, rub the area of your mattress filled with hair in a circular motion, and you're done! All you have to do then is pick up the clumps of hair that have formed!

The only downside is that you’ll probably only want to use them for small surfaces such as a particularly hairy area of the mattress or on your pillows. Indeed, if you have to treat the whole mattress, you will need a lot of elbow grease and more time if the area to be treated is larger. Also, only use this pair of gloves for this particular job, otherwise you'll end up eating Rocky and Balboa’s leftover hair if you wash the dishes with it!

This hack also works with a moistened and clean sponge or washcloth, used according to the same principles. Just pick up the clumped hair and throw it away!

Tip #3: Static electricity is fantastic!

Static electricity isn't just about raising the hair on your forearm with a ruler previously rubbed against your shirt! In fact, it will be very effective in removing the hair of your favourite pet(s). No need to plug anything in! Pick up a pair of tights, put it on your hand, and rub the area to be treated. As if by magic, the nylon stocking will create static electricity that will make the hairs adhere to the pantyhose. This principle also works with an electrostatic brush, specially designed for this purpose!


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Tip #4: The Furminator, or how prevention is better than cure!

The Furminator is the ultimate tool to prevent any outbreak of hair on your mattress. And the best part? You won't have to remove hair from your bed! How does it work? It's a special brush of the same name brand that is specifically designed to remove the hair that is about to fall from Rocky or Balboa's coat. The maker of this brush recommends daily grooming to remove hair, to maintain a beautiful coat and to keep it and the skin underneath healthy by removing dead hair before it falls out.

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The result: less hair in the house, healthy Rocky and Balboa and, for you, less picking up of unwanted hair! But don't brush your pet too hard, or you'll turn Rocky into a hairless Mexican dog and Balboa into a sphynx. What is more, if there is still hair on your mattress, Furminator thought of you with their reusable and easy to use hair collector!

There you go! You now know the Polysleep's tricks to prevent your home from becoming a giant sheep farm! You can also, if you like, use the hair collected to knit your next sweater! Joking aside, these tips should allow you to limit the amount of hair on your mattress or pillows as much as possible ! Thanks to whom? Thanks to Polysleep, of course!


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