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How to move a mattress by yourself easily?
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Happy man lifting the corner of a mattress to be moved


How to move a mattress by yourself easily?

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Moving a mattress isn't usually as easy as it sounds. You must consider important factors such as the design of a mattress to determine the best way of packing and moving a mattress.

For instance, our antimicrobial memory foam mattress has a unique proprietary-integrated foam support frame that keeps the mattress from flattening.

With that factor in mind, it's easier to decide the best way of packing and transporting it to avoid damaging this support frame.

Woman lifting the corner of a mattress to analyze the weight

How to Move a Mattress by Yourself?

Before you begin moving a mattress on your own, find out how much it weighs and measures. This information will help you create an effective moving plan and also purchase the right moving equipment.

For example, the California King size of The Polysleep Mattress weighs 83lbs and measures 84 by 72 inches. Such a huge mattress may not conveniently fit through a door of a standard height or down a traditional staircase.

Knowing the weight and dimensions of the mattress helps you plan the best way to secure it while moving and the equipment needed to make your work easier.

Equipment Required

Here is some important equipment needed for packing and moving your mattress.

A mattress bag encases your mattress to protect it from dust, tear damage, and moisture while moving. Your mattress will also be secure in a mattress bag if you plan to store it for a while before unpacking.

You'll need a ratchet tie-down strap to:

  • tie down the mattress after folding;
  • secure the mattress on a dolly; and
  • secure the mattress onto a moving van.

You can rent a dolly to move your mattress from the bedroom to the moving truck or van. When you fasten the mattress on the dolly correctly, it should be secured, giving you more control over the movement of the mattress.

You'll need waterproof packing tape to seal your mattress bag. This tape comes in handy if you don't intend to unpack your mattress right after moving. In addition, waterproof sealing tape prevents moisture from getting into the mattress and damaging it.

A retractable knife is safer to handle when you need to cut through the sealing tape or the mattress bag when unpacking the mattress. However, be careful not to cut the wrong area - this could dent or damage the mattress.

If your mattress is foldable and flexible, you can fit it into cardboard for easy transportation. However, to preserve its inner core and prevent creases, don't keep your mattress folded for a long time.

You may also require tools such as screwdrivers and wrenches to dismantle the bed frame of your mattress and reassemble it when you arrive at your destination. Given that mattresses and bed frames usually require different tools to mount and unmount, consider getting a tool kit rather than a single tool.

How to Pack a Mattress for Moving?

Follow these steps to pack a mattress for moving:

Step 1: Remove all the bedding and covers from your mattress and fold them separately. Get the mattress off the bed and place it on the floor.

Step 2: If your room is small, begin by removing all the furniture out of the room, including the bed frame, to create enough space for packing your mattress.

Step 3: Next, put the mattress into the mattress bag. You can do this by securing the mattress bag on one edge of the mattress and pulling it over to the other edge. Zip the bag or use the packing tape to seal the open end of the mattress bag.

Step 4: Place the ratchet tie-down strap beneath the mattress. If you have two straps, place them a few inches apart from each other.

Step 5: Fold the mattress in half. It may not be that easy to fold a huge mattress by yourself. For best results, push your body against the mattress to make it fold easily.

Step 6: Tie down the mattress using the straps to keep it folded.

Step 7: Tuck in the loose sides of the mattress bag between the mattress fold. If need be, you can add more tape to secure the mattress.

Man sitting on mattress in store with hand resting on it
Woman sitting on box spring before installing mattress with moving boxes around

Steps to Move Your Mattress

Now that you've packed your mattress, here's how to move it safely and without much hassle.

Step 1: Secure the mattress onto the dolly using a ratchet tie-down strap.

Step 2: Next, clear the path of any loose electric cords, toys, furniture, wall hangings, and anything that can cause a slip and fall accident. Open the doors along your path to streamline your movement.

Step 3: Move the dolly truck slowly out of the house to the transportation van.

Moving the mattress downstairs requires a different approach because pulling the dolly truck down the staircase is dangerous.

So instead, line the staircase with cardboard and slide the mattress to the bottom of the staircase. Then, you can fasten the mattress onto the dolly and push it to the moving van.

Unpacking Your Mattress and Setting It Up

After safely transporting the mattress to your preferred destination, move it to the room you wish to keep it before unpacking.

Next, reassemble the bed frame and place the mattress on the bed. Unfasten the straps to unfold the mattress and secure it in place on top of the bed.

Using a retractable knife, cut open the mattress bag to remove the mattress. Finally, fit the mattress on the bed frame and lay it as you desire.

Tips to Move Your Mattress Carefully

Here's how to move your mattress without damaging it or harming yourself in the process.

  • Clear the path for the mattress;
  • Prepare the moving truck or van;
  • Avoid dragging the mattress on the floor;
  • Ask a friend of a family member for help when you need;
  • Secure the mattress in the moving truck or van.
Two friends help each other load a mattress into a moving truck

The easiest way to move a mattress upstairs on your own is by flipping and rolling the mattress up the staircase.

When lifting the mattress, brace your abdominal core and lift your legs instead of your back.

Given that king-size mattresses are heavy, consider using a dolly to move them from the bedroom to the car. Also, you can fold it in half when packing to make it smaller and use more straps to tie it down securely.

Whether you intend to use a van, pickup truck, or an SUV, ensure that you fasten the mattress onto the vehicle to avoid tossing it around while driving.

When traveling long distances, make periodic stops to check whether the mattress is still secure.

Since memory mattresses are soft, they can deform, tear, or get damaged when moving. Here are a few extra tips to consider when moving a memory foam mattress.

  • After packing the memory foam mattress, slide the mattress into a cardboard box to prevent it from losing its shape.
  • Avoid stacking other items onto the mattress when moving or storing the mattress.
  • Unpack the mattress as soon as possible when you arrive at your destination to let the mattress breathe and regain its shape.

A Tempurpedic mattress is best moved when flat to avoid damaging its support core and coil spring system.

Folding this mattress can permanently damage the coil system, losing its support as a result.

If you don't have a truck to move your mattress, consider seeking help from your friends or family. Alternatively, you can invest in a mattress bag with handles for better movement.

How Much Does It Cost to Move a Mattress?

The cost of moving a mattress varies depending on multiple factors, such as the distance, type and size of mattress, complexity of moving, and so on. On average, most people spend around $150 to move a mattress safely locally.


Moving a mattress shouldn't be that complicated when you know where to start. Remember, safety comes first. Don't attempt to move a mattress, especially a heavy one, yourself if you're struggling to do so. Instead, consider getting help from friends, family, or a professional moving company if you have to.

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