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How to choose the best mattress in Canada?
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How to choose the best mattress in Canada?

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Shopping for a mattress isn't the easiest thing to do, mainly because a mattress isn't something you buy every day. Most mattresses last for at least ten years. So, by the time you decide to shop for a new one, you'll be surprised to discover how so much has changed over the past few years.

Technology has also played a significant role in the mattress manufacturing industry; some mattresses provide more than just comfort for sleepers.

For instance, our memory foam mattress with supported frame is also a liquid repellant and an antimicrobial. In addition, most mattress manufacturers and shoppers prefer the online marketplace over the traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

Bearing in mind these significant changes, here's a guide on how to pick the right mattress for you.

Woman suffering from sore feeling in neck in morning after sleeping on uncomfortable mattress

How to Choose the Right Mattress?

The quality of your sleep is just as good as that of your mattress. If your mattress lacks adequate support or cushioning, you may experience pain in your lower back, joints, hips, shoulders, and other parts of your body.

You may also notice detrimental effects of poor sleep quality on your daytime alertness, productivity, and general health. For this reason, you shouldn't take home just any mattress you find on the market today.


There's a wide range of materials used in mattress manufacturing, and each one of them has its pros and cons. Additionally, many mattress companies use sophisticated technologies to improve the quality of modern mattresses.

It's therefore advisable to pay more attention to the materials a mattress is made up of when looking for the ideal mattress for you.

The popular mattress materials include the following:

Foam comes in different types. For instance, memory foam mattresses are well-known for their softness, pressure relief, body-hugging comfort, and superior motion isolation. Most memory foam mattresses are also inexpensive and are ideal for various sleeping positions.

However, memory foam has a closed-cell structure, which traps heat from a sleeper's body. As a result, they tend to sleep hot and may be uncomfortable for you if you are a hot sleeper.

Viscoelastic hybrid foam is a unique design of traditional memory foam. It is best known for its elasticity and conformity that provides incredible cushioning for pressure points all over the body.

Thanks to technology, memory foams have transformed over the years from heat-trapping close-celled foams to breathable foams that improve airflow through a mattress. This transformation is the origin of the open-celled viscoelastic hybrid foam. As a result, sleeping hot is no longer an issue with viscoelastic foam mattresses.

Latex foams are made using the liquid latex harvested from rubber trees. These foams create durable, breathable, and responsive mattresses. Latex foams are also naturally hypoallergenic, the perfect choice for allergy-prone sleepers.

Latex foams undergo a long processing method to convert liquid latex into its solid form. But what most people don't know is that it takes years for a rubber tree to mature. For this reason, most latex mattresses come with a higher price tag than most conventional mattresses.

Sleep Position

Most mattresses are compatible with all sleeping positions. However, the most important consideration in finding the ideal mattress for your sleep position is its firmness. You need a mattress that's not too firm or too soft.

Mattress Sizes

Mattresses come in different sizes, each serving a unique purpose. Once you know the kind of mattress you need, you need to choose the perfect size. This guide should help you choose the right mattress size for your specific needs and sleep environment.

Antimicrobial Mattress

An antimicrobial mattress, like the Polysleep mattress, is the kind of mattress that inhibits the growth of microorganisms, such as fungi, bacteria, or even dust mites. Having such a mattress means you won't have to go back shopping for a new mattress a few months later because it lasts longer than most standard mattresses.

Body Type and Weight

Some mattresses are designed for specific body types. Understanding your body type can help you choose the kind of mattress that makes you feel comfortable in different sleeping positions. For instance, if you're a heavy sleeper, here are some tips on how to pick a hybrid mattress.

Woman suffering from back pain in bed


You may also want to learn how to pick a mattress that suits your specific sleep needs. For example, if you suffer from back pain, some mattresses may feel extremely uncomfortable to sleep on. Here's a comprehensive guide to help you learn how to pick a mattress for back pain.

Woman and man lying on the bed testing the firmness of it

How to Choose Mattress Firmness?

The process of choosing mattress firmness depends on the materials the mattress comprises.

For example, side sleepers feel more comfortable on memory foam mattresses because of their softness, which cushions the shoulders, hips, knees, and other pressure points.

Stomach sleepers require a firmer mattress, such as those made with latex foams, to avoid curving their spine away from its natural curve.

On the other hand, back sleepers feel more comfortable on medium-firm surfaces, mostly attributed to hybrid mattresses.

How to Choose the Best Baby Mattress?

Safety is the most important consideration when choosing a mattress for a baby. Besides avoiding accidents, you want to ensure that your baby sleeps on a toxin-free mattress that won't irritate their tender skin or cause any health problems. Check out this complete guide on choosing a mattress for a baby for additional tips.

Baby holding the mattress close up

How to Choose Mattress Thickness?

The thickness of a mattress depends on the number of layers it has. Generally, an 8-inch mattress is ideal for most sleepers. However, heavier sleepers need thicker mattresses to add extra cushioning, support, and comfort to their beds.

How to Choose a Mattress Topper?

A mattress topper changes how your mattress feels by adding more comfort to your bed. Although choosing the ideal mattress topper depends on the sleeper's preference, additional factors such as the topper's thickness and materials influence its comfort. 

Man testing new mattress in store

How to Choose a Mattress Online in Canada?

Online mattress shopping is the new norm in Canada, and many other parts of the world, but also comes with its challenges. Since you don't get a chance to see or feel the mattress before buying, here are some tips on how to choose a mattress in Canada.

The Trial Period: Choose a mattress vendor that offers a longer trial period, so you have sufficient time for testing the mattress to find out if it suits your sleeping needs.

The Return Policy: Find out the vendor's return policy to determine whether or not you will get a refund if you request a return.

The Shipping Agreement: Most online vendors offer free shipping to your doorstep. However, you need to know who bears the cost of shipping back a returned mattress.


These are some of the most important factors to consider if you want to learn how to choose a mattress that provides more than just comfort.

While comfort comes first, other factors such as your body weight, size, antimicrobial capabilities, specific needs, and preferences play an equally important role when choosing the ideal mattress.

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