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How to Survive the Anxiety of Your Thirties, by Kathy Marquis
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Kathy Marquis Anxiety of Your Thirties


How to Survive the Anxiety of Your Thirties, by Kathy Marquis

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The need to succeed professionally. Buying your first property. Welcoming your first child... Adult life brings its share of stress and anxiety.  

It is therefore important to maintain healthy lifestyle habits in order to maintain an optimal energy level, sleep well, and thus preserve our overall health. This is why setting up a certain healthy lifestyle routine can be beneficial.

Here is my story and how I have managed to minimize the harmful effects of stress.

How it all started

Being ambitious, perfectionist, hard-working and passionate are qualities that I value, and that have helped me chart my path over the years.

However, like just about everything in life, these qualities have a downside. In my case, the downside is performance anxiety, digestive problems, and insomnia.  

Lack of proper sleep also affects my digestion, mood, and anxiety. So I let you imagine the not-so-pleasant situations I've often found myself in!

These symptoms became more pronounced when I passed the age of thirty because of social pressure, the thousand and one existential questions that society influences us to ask ourselves, and all the types of questioning that one can have at this age.

Since I am concerned about maintaining good overall health and, above all, mental health, I had to make certain changes to my lifestyle in the last year in order to alleviate all these symptoms and to live again in harmony with myself.

Some changes have been easier to make than others, but each one has made a big difference and I continue to put them into practice in my daily life.

My wellness routine

Nutrition & physical activity

First of all, I changed the way I eat by seeking the advice of specialists who helped me better understand how my second brain (a.k.a. my intestines) works!

I now eat mainly natural and mineral-rich foods in order to store as much energy as possible.

I also make sure to move a minimum of one hour a day, whether it is through an intense exercise session or simply a long walk with doggie. I MOVE EVERY DAY!

how to survive the anixiety of your thirsties

My Online Presence

I also changed my digital consumption to maximize my time on what really matters here and now.

I activated a function that automatically blocks all my social networks after 1 hour of daily consumption.

This helps me to focus on where my attention should be.

When it's time to work, I work. When it's time to be with my family, I am fully with them, and when it's time to be on Instagram, I scroll my screen with great pleasure.

So I give 100% of my attention in every sphere of my life.

I no longer feel guilty that I could do more or do better.

how to recharge your batteries

How I Recharge My Batteries

Recharging yourself properly is as important as drinking water or eating.

So I finally invested in my sleep by getting quality products adapted to my needs by changing my bedding for a Zephyr mattress and Polysleep pillows.

After all, I will spend the equivalent of 120 days in bed in the next year!

The investment was profitable and sleeping on a good mattress is far from negligible in terms of getting a good night's sleep. Sleeping on a bad mattress is, in my opinion, like asking a runner to do a marathon in Converse. It can be done, but it can be much more painful!

kathy marquis anxiete

Also, I make sure to turn off my electronic devices at least 1 hour before bedtime and when my head is a little more agitated I put my lavender essential oil diffuser right next to my bed and turn it on.

These small changes are not revealing, but they have made a big difference in my daily life and especially for my mental health.

Every day is an opportunity to do things right, for yourself.

Sleep well!



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