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King vs. Queen Sizes: which mattress to choose and why?
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A Queen bed in a bedroom.


King vs. Queen Sizes: which mattress to choose and why?

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Your comfort and sleep are precious. They have a direct impact on your health, your energy and your mood.

That's why the choice between a King or Queen bed is not to be taken lightly.

What are the dimensions of Queen, King and California King beds? Which one best suits your height, weight and lifestyle? Polysleep tells you all about it.

California King vs. King vs. Queen: which one is the biggest?

Standard Sizes

  • Queen mattress: 60" x 80" or 193 cm x 203.5 cm
  • King mattress: 76" x 80" or 193 cm x 203.5 cm
  • California King mattress: 72" x 84" or 183 cm x 213.5 cm

The Biggest One

Comparing a Queen bed and a King bed is quite simple: with its width of 76 inches and its length of 80 inches, a King size mattress will always offer more space than a Queen (60" x 80"). They are the same length, but the King is wider.

However, the difference between a King and a California King mattress is more subtle.

With a width of 72 inches and a length of 84 inches, the California King is longer but not as wide.

Both King mattresses have the same total surface area.

So if you are looking for a longer mattress, choose a California King mattress. If you prefer more width, a King mattress is what you need.

Size of mattresses at Polysleep

Below is a table showing the size of the mattresses available at Polysleep, limited to the beds we have been discussing:

Model Queen King Cal. King
Origin 60”x80”x8” 50 lbs 76”x 80”x 8” 64 lbs 72”x 84”x 8” 64 lbs
Polysleep 60”x80”x10” 62 lbs 76”x80”x10” 80 lbs 72”x84”x10” 82.2 lbs
Zephyr 60”x80”x 11.5” 77 lbs 76”x80”x 11.5” 89 lbs 72”x84”x11.5” 89 lbs

Here you can see that the Polysleep memory foam mattresses, designed for adults and destined for your bedroom, are available in all sizes (Queen, King, and California King).

If you need to change your mattress but want to keep all of your bedding accessories (e.g. mattress protectors, sheets), simply measure the width and length of your box spring and make sure they match the mattress you are looking to purchase. The size of most beds is usually standardized, so you will likely find the perfect replacement!

When deciding which Polysleep foam mattress is best for you - or of any other brand - here are some key factors you should consider.

King vs. Queen Mattresses: our tips for choosing!

Example of a King mattress confronting a Queen mattress

Queen mattress or King mattress? That is the question! While some people are happy with a Queen-size bed, others prefer to take up all the space of a King-sized bed.

But how do you choose the right mattress? What factors should you consider?

To choose the right Polysleep hybrid foam mattress - or of any other brand - here are the points you should consider.

What bed size for 2 people?

If you're wondering what bed is best for you and your partner, rest assured that no matter what size you choose - Queen, King or California King – all of them can comfortably accommodate two people.

However, your body size, your sleeping profile, the size of your room and your budget are the key elements you will want to consider before choosing a King or Queen bed.

What is your body type?

The first thing to do to choose the right mattress in this California King vs. King vs. Queen comparison is to determine your body type.

In fact, it is the first thing you should consider!

We suggest that you add between 5.9 and 7.9 inches to your height to determine the right size mattress for you.

If we compare a King mattress and a mattress, their length is the same, so it makes no difference. However, if you are taller than "average", choosing a California King would certainly be more appropriate.

Similarly, if you are of a large build, choosing a King mattress could help you sleep more comfortably, especially if you sleep with someone else.

Note that if you are purchasing a big mattress, choosing the right mattress for your body type is even more important.

Otherwise, you run the risk of not properly relieving your pressure points. This can lead to poor posture, soreness, joint pain and lack of rest.

Our guide to foam mattresses can help you make the right choice.

What is your sleeping profile?

It all comes down to your sleeping pattern, which includes your dominant sleeping position, how often you shift positions throughout the night, and how much space you need.

  • If you move around a lot at night and don't want to disturb your partner's sleep, you'll need more space.
  • If you sleep on your back or stomach, and don’t move a whole lot and/or you're not greedy for space, a queen mattress should be enough.
  • If you sleep on your side, move around a lot and/or like to stretch out at night, a California King bed is best.
A large modern bedroom including a king size bed

What size bed to choose depending to the size of your room?

The last important factor: the size of your room. Indeed, this will be an important factor that will influence your choice between a Queen, King or California King bed.

Choose a Queen bed if:

  • Your room is of standard size
  • If it measures between 10 x 10 ft. or 10 x 14 ft.

Choose a King bed, if:

  • Your room is between 10 x 12 ft. and 13 x 13 ft.
  • It is square or very wide

Choose a Californian King bed if:

  • Your bedroom measures between 12 x 12 ft. and 14 x 12 ft.
  • It is square or very wide and long
A man disguised as a god holds a bunch of grapes lying on a Polysleep mattress

In all cases, be sure to follow this rule: allow at least 30 inches from each edge of the bed for easy circulation and to be able to use a bedside table on one or both sides.

What budget?

When it comes to mattresses, bigger is better. So, if you're watching your budget, a Queen mattress is the best choice. You'll pay less but still enjoy plenty of sleeping space.


That's it! There is no absolute right or wrong choice, but some mattresses will be more suited for your needs.

To determine which of the three mattress sizes is best for you, you will need to consider your body type, your sleeping profile, the size of your bedroom and your budget.

After that, you will be able to choose your mattress with confidence. What’s more, if you need to change your mattress, consider visiting to choose your next hybrid memory foam mattress, which will be delivered directly to your door in a box.


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