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King or Queen Bed? What size to choose?

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A Queen mattress or a King mattress, that’s the question! While some people are good with a Queen, others dreams of taking all the space in a King bed! But how do you choose the right mattress size? What are the things to consider? To choose your Polysleep foam mattress well—or any other brand—here are the elements that you should consider.


The size of the bedroom.

It’s annoying, but if you absolutely want to have that King mattress and your bedroom is tiny, you’ll probably have to say goodbye to your bedside tables, your dresser and all other furniture… a Queen mattress would be more appropriate in this case! For your information, a King mattress measures 76X80 inches while a Queen mattress is 60X80 inches.

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What type of sleeper are you?

Do you like to feel your other half at your side while having enough space to turn without fear of breaking their nose? You’ll appreciate owning a Queen bed. On the contrary, if you’re the type to run the Ironman every night and you move a lot when you sleep, a King bed will probably be a better option!

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Your budget

Who says King mattress says bigger budget. If your finances are limited, buying a Queen mattress might be the better option.

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Are Polysleep mattresses available in all sizes?

Whether your bed is a Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King or even a Californian King, you’ll find among our hybrid viscoelastic foam mattresses the one that matches your bed size; and be sure not to forget your Polysleep pillow, that can also suit every bed format!

Here are the dimensions of our various products; all our mattresses in a box are available for delivery and can be used minutes after you’ve received them.

Polysleep mattress size

Twin Full Queen King
Origin 39’’x75’’x8’’33 lb 54’’x75’’x8’’44 lb 60’’x80’’x8’’50 lb 76’’x80’’x8’’64 lb
Polysleep 39’’x75’’x11.5’’41 lb 54’’x75’’x11.5’’54 lb 60’’x80’’x11.5’’62 lb 76’’x80’’x11.5’’80 lb
Zephyr 39’’x75’’x11.5’’41 lb 54’’x75’’x11.5’’54 lb 60’’x80’’x11.5’’62 lb 76’’x80’’x11.5’’80 lb


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