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Pillow with adjustable height: Here is how the Polysleep pillow works
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A woman is sleeping on her stomach with a thin Polysleep pillow


Pillow with adjustable height: Here is how the Polysleep pillow works

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We’ve all, at one time or another, taken our pillow and folded it in half or in part, to find the most comfortable position possible. But on top of not being practical, doing things this way can cause cervical injuries by creating tensions in the neck or shoulders. And when it comes to shopping for the best foam pillow, the range of choice is so wide that it's easy to get confused… but Polysleep has a product that you might be interested in.


A pillow with adjustable height?

Made of different removable foam layers, the Polysleep adjustable pillow adapts to you, and not the opposite. With 4 foam layers of various sizes, you’ll be able to use all of them or only a few, until you find the height that suits you.

The different foam layers of the Polysleep pillow

What is the Polysleep pillow made of?

Our pillow is a combination of 4 inner layers made of hybrid viscoelastic foam, a microfibre fill as well as a 100 % cotton outer cover. Even more, it breathes well, meaning that it allows for good air circulation to keep you cool all night.

No more need to turn and turn your pillow again because it's too warm! 

How to adjust my pillow?

The Polysleep adjustable pillow allows you to fold or roll the foam layers, so you can “build” the most comfortable pillow possible. And if you don’t feel good with this configuration, remove or add foam layers to create an all-new pillow!

Thickness and foam layers of the Polysleep pillow

How to buy an adjustable pillow?

There’s nothing simpler: you can order it online on our website and your pillow will be delivered in a box a few days after. What is more, you’ll get a trial period of 30 nights and a 3-year warranty. And if you don't like your Polysleep pillow, you just have to return it to us, and we’ll give you a refund without question! That's something that’ll help sleep like a log!


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