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Leg elevation pillow: uses and benefits
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Woman lying legs raised on Polysleep triangular pillow


Leg elevation pillow: uses and benefits

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Post-surgery problems, swelling, varicose veins are among some of the issues that can be treated or helped with leg elevation. 

Have you tried to prop up a bunch of pillows for elevation? They are lumpy and fall over, which puts a damper on your recovery. 

A foam wedge for legs or a knee wedge pillow are purchases you can make to help change your ailments, reduce swelling and boost circulation. 

See below some criteria you should look for, how it can help, and why the best one to purchase may be a leg elevation pillow made in Canada.

What are the benefits of elevating your legs while sleeping?

You stand to receive several benefits when you elevate your legs during sleep. These include:

If your back is giving you trouble, elevating your legs may help relieve the pain. Sleeping on your back puts pressure on it, which can lead to pain. 

By raising your legs, you lessen the pressure put on your back and prevent pain from seeping in. 

While you should see a doctor if you think you’re having issues with blood circulation, you can also improve circulation by elevating your legs. 

By doing so, you promote good blood flow and also help prevent varicose veins. A leg elevation pillow for varicose veins can help your circulation, but also your view of your body.

Who would think that leg elevation could actually help with your heart’s health? When sitting or standing, your blood is still pumping from your heart, but your legs are struggling to keep up. 

In those positions, the blood from your legs is working against gravity to return to your heart. 

By elevating your legs, you are aligning them with your heart to maintain an easy flow and ease the stress on your heart. A foam wedge pillow can have surprisingly positive effects on your most important organ.

If you have an injury that results in swelling, raising your legs can bring down the swelling and send you on a quicker road to recovery. 

By using a post-surgery leg elevation pillow, you are increasing your blood flow which lessens the swelling and therefore the pain. The less swelling, the quicker you are able to return to normal. 

A post-surgery leg elevation pillow can lessen the time you spend in recovery and allow you to heal quickly.

Edema is the result of fluid building up in your tissue. Because of this, arms, legs, and feet become swollen. 

While it can take place as a result of pregnancy or a poor diet, it can also happen when you sit too long. 

If you want to fix this issue, raise your legs with a leg elevation pillow for swelling. This simple solution not only helps with the swelling but also the pain associated with it. 

The way you sleep can greatly affect the alignment of your spine. Sure, it sounds good to keep it straight but in fact, we need to adjust to the natural curvature of our spine. 

If you try to sleep straight, it can put pressure and thus, inflict pain on your spine. 

By using a wedge pillow for your legs, you can rotate your pelvis and eliminate the stress put on your spine. 

Sleeping with raised legs: the benefits

Leg elevation pillow: the benefits

The low-raised legs of a woman on a white foam cushion including her coffee and her book

Among the list of things that elevating your legs can help with, the best leg elevation pillow will also have additional benefits. 

You already know that they help with pain and swelling, but they are also very versatile. 

Wedge pillows are not only portable, but also the perfect size for wherever you sleep (chair, couch, bed).

Additionally, if you have previously tried to elevate your legs with pillows, you know that it never lasts. 

A leg elevation pillow keeps its shape, its stability and will not fall in response to your movement. 

Button: Wedge Pillow: use and benefit

Who should use a leg wedge pillow?

A young woman lying on her back with her legs raised against the wall

Leg elevation is not just good for one specific type of person. 

In fact, it can be beneficial to everyone. However, there are certain populations that would benefit more than others.

For one, people who have cellulitis, blood clots, pregnancy, or other issues with swelling would benefit most of all. 

The leg elevation pillow helps to alleviate some swelling and symptoms associated with those ailments. 

Furthermore, severely ill people can also benefit as it’s believed to help raise low blood pressure, including in people who have fainted

Not only does it raise low blood pressure, but it also increases oxygen to the brain. 

How to use leg elevation pillows?

A man lying on a sofa with his legs low on the pillow

The first thing you want to ensure is that you are comfortable. Get in a position that works for you before propping your legs up. 

Ideally, you'll lie with your back flat and place the pillow so your legs are bent at the knee just slightly. Make sure you once again feel comfortable. 

Don’t rush the process. You’ll need to find your comfort level as you adjust both yourself and the pillow. 

Before using it to sleep, use it at rest times and practice getting comfortable before spending up to 8 hours with the pillow. 

How to choose the best leg elevation pillow?

Take into account the factors below when selecting your leg elevation pillow.

There isn’t a “one-size fits all” leg elevation pillow. The perfect one will depend on your height, the size of your sleeping area, and even the shape of your legs. 

However, the most important factor to consider when purchasing a leg elevation pillow is the height or how much the pillow is elevated. You want your legs to rest above the height of your heart for maximum support and effect. 

You can choose different sizes from 7 to 15 inches. A drastic incline would be 15 inches, a mid-level would be between 10-12 inches and the perfect incline normally hovers between 6-8 inches. 

Density is really important in determining which leg elevation pillow is right for you.

Lean your preference towards foam since that will be more supportive since it is denser. 

While you think of “soft” when you think of comfort and pillows, a softer leg elevation pillow will not be as supportive as a foam pillow.

As mentioned before, when shopping for a leg elevation pillow, you want to look for foam

Not only is it durable, but it conforms to your body and helps support it. 

However, it’s the type of foam that is also important to look at. You can choose between viscoelastic hybrid foam, memory foam and latex foam.

While all of them have their benefits, a viscoelastic hybrid foam pillow, like the Polysleep wedge pillow, is extra helpful in keeping your body from overheating. 

Density, shape and materials are not the only thing to consider with your leg elevation pillow. 

You also have to consider whether or not it allows you to be comfortable.

Depending on the material (such as memory foam), it can cause your body to become hot which would be uncomfortable. 

Look for a breathable foam so that you can stay cool and comfortable. 

Additionally, you want to not only be comfortable with the pillow but also remedy some of the issues you are having. Find a pillow that is easy to use. 

If you are consistently going to be altering the pillow, it will interrupt your sleep and add additional stress. 

The price is less important than the pillow and what it will do for it. 

If it meets your criteria and is within your budget, it will be perfect for you. 

You want the pillow to meet your needs. The extra features are great but not necessary if it meets your basic requirements. 

How easy will it be to ensure that your wedge pillow can be cleaned? 

A dirty pillow can cause health issues and sleep disruption, so you need to be able to clean your wedge pillow. Find a pillow that has a cover that can come off and be cleaned. 

How to Choose Pillow Firmness?

A happy young woman with her head lying on a firm pillow

What are the best leg elevation pillows made in Canada?

You have a couple of great options, including the Polysleep Wedge Pillow and the Polysleep Pillow with customizable layers. 

Polysleep’s Wedge Pillow

If you need a wedge pillow and are unsure where to start, consider Polysleep’s Wedge Pillow, a top-notch, leg elevation pillow made in Canada.

Using the list above, Polysleep’s Wedge Pillow checks off everything on the “needs” list. Additionally, it will be shipped directly to your home with a warranty and free trial. 

  • Comfort. Polysleep’s Wedge Pillow is made with Kulkote® cooling, so you don't have to worry about it trapping heat and making you too warm.
  • Safety. Polysleep’s Wedge Pillow is made with a premium antimicrobial hybrid foam and a cover that can be washed. That will give you the reassurance that you can focus on getting better (not on getting sick from germs on your pillows). 

As if that was not great enough, Polysleep’s foams are certified in the CertiPUR-US program, meaning they don’t use chemicals that damage the ozone layer! Good for you and good for the environment. 

  • Helpful for ailments. You’re likely purchasing an orthopedic pillow because there is an ailment bothering you, and the Polysleep Wedge Pillow will help with that. 

This pillow contains open-cell hybrid foam which provides more support than regular memory foam. The pillow is 10 inches high, so it helps improve alignment, eliminate pressure and provide a better night’s sleep. In addition to helping with your muscles and bones, it helps with breathing. Wedge pillows prop you up to allow your air to escape your airways without blocking it (apnea, snoring). Being propped up with a Polysleep Wedge Pillow not only helps your blood flow but also breath easier. 

  • Versatile. Need more support on your neck rather than your legs? No problem! The Wedge Pillow splits in half, so you can use one part for your legs and another part where you need it most. So you essentially get two pillows in one!

Discover now the wedge pillow from Polysleep

Polysleep's orthopedic triangular pillow

The Fully customizable Polysleep Pillow

Also not a problem. If you want to create your own perfect pillow, try Polysleep’s customizable pillow

Polysleep is more than a leg elevation pillow made in Canada. Their custom pillow can be adjusted anywhere from 2 to 9 inches depending on the height you want.

All pillows have ventilated, antimicrobial hybrid foam to keep you cool and healthy. 

Purchasing a foam wedge for your legs or a knee wedge pillow is a purchase that can change your life. 

Whether you’re buying a leg elevation pillow for swelling or for varicose veins, it can change your life and help you sleep in a much better way.

Polysleep has the leg elevation pillow, the Polysleep Wedge Pillow, that has the most benefits with the best material—safe for you and safe for the environment. 

But there is also Polysleep’s customizable pillow which you can adjust to meet your needs. 

No matter which one of the two Polysleep pillows you choose, you’ll rest nightly knowing you’re in good hands.

See the Polysleep pillow

The Polysleep Pillow

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