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The most popular types of beds decrypted!
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The most popular types of beds decrypted!

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Whether you have just bought your first home or are simply looking to update your existing furniture, a new bed frame will be among the list of items you likely need or want to buy. 

Purchasing a new bed frame may seem like a simple task, but with all the types of beds available, it can become quite daunting.

Before diving straight into the different types of bed frames, take into account a few key factors, such as:

  • The area size available
  • The size of the sleeper who will occupy the bed, whether that be a child, teen, or adult
  • The need for additional storage
  • The room’s style such as traditional, contemporary, or modern

Below, our mattress and bed experts at Polysleep provide you with a list of the most popular types of beds.


A daybed is a rectangular frame with rails on three sides. It’s great for sitting, sleeping, or just lounging around. 

The daybed is shaped similarly to a couch and is an excellent option for spaces like a guest room or multipurpose room.

Panel Bed

A panel bed in a bright bedroom

A panel bed is constructed with a headboard, footboard, and side rails. 

The headboard and footboard are typically made of pieces of wood designed into sections and held together with molding similar to that of wall paneling. 

The use of these types of beds requires a box spring, as the frame itself is not made to support a mattress on its own.

Platform Bed

A platform bed is a flat surface typically made of wood or metal that is ideal for optimizing airflow to reduce the risk of mold accumulation.

It’s a strong surface with either one solid piece or wooden slats which support the weight of a mattress independently. 

A platform bed does not require the use of a box spring. However, because these types of beds sit lower than others, many opt to add a box spring for additional height, making it more comfortable to get in and out of bed.

Poster Bed

A four-poster bed with four vertical pillars

A poster bed frame is made of four vertical columns, one in each corner of the frame. 

These posters come in many shapes such as round, square, or pointed. 

There are many sizes and styles when it comes to these types of beds, such as:

  • Pencil: thin posters with a point at the top
  • Low: short posters, typically a few inches
  • Half: regular size posters at the head of the bed with extremely short posters at the foot

Canopy Bed

A canopy bed parked on an oceanfront beach

A canopy bed is a rather elegant frame with four-bed posters rising, one on each corner, making a frame around the entire bed that is then draped with a canopy. 

The canopy can be either opened or closed, whichever the user prefers. 

There are two canopy bed styles: traditional and contemporary.

  • A traditional canopy bed is constructed of thick wooden posters
  • A contemporary canopy bed is constructed of thin posters made of either wood or metal

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A stack of four folded sheets

Upholstered Bed

An upholstered bed in an exterior lit bedroom

An upholstered bed offers a more luxurious look and feel compared to different types of bed frames.

It’s made up of a solid wood surface, layered with thick padding, and wrapped in suede, velvet, or faux leather.

The padded layer makes this headboard extremely comfortable and a great option for those who enjoy reading or working from the comfort of their bed.

Bookcase Bed

A bookcase bed frame is exactly as it sounds. 

It’s a type of frame with a bookcase built directly into the headboard versus the traditional flat headboard.

This type of bed frame is great for those avid readers with a book collection they like to keep close or for those who are simply looking for additional storage for personal items.

Trundle Bed

A trundle bed is a bed built directly into another bed. 

These beds are essentially two-in-one beds with a bed that pulls out from underneath the other

A trundle bed is often found in kid's bedrooms where it’s a great space saver but allows additional sleeping space for sleepovers.


A double-decker white bed including a ladder

A double-decker bed, also referred to as bunk beds, is often found in kid's rooms, especially where multiple kids share one room. 

Double-decker beds are essentially two beds stacked on top of one another and held up by a sturdy wooden or metal frame. 

The top bunk is accessible by either a ladder or built-in steps, depending on the bed construction.

These types of beds are also commonly found in RVs as it saves a great amount of space. 

They’re available in twin over twin, double over double, or twin over double bunks.

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Father taking measurements of his baby's cradle

Loft Bed

A loft bed is similar to the bunk bed. However, it only has the top bed with an open space below

These types of beds can be found with a built-in desk below the bed or a fully open space for many options. 

They’re commonly made of sturdy wood or metal frames to ensure the safety of the occupant.

As with bunk beds, a loft bed is accessible with the use of a ladder that typically attaches securely to the frame of the bed. 

Loft beds are commonly found in dorm rooms or teenager rooms with small space because they provide a great area beneath to allow for a work desk.

Half Tester Bed

A half tester bed was much more common in the 1700s than it is today. 

This type of frame, comparable to that of a poster bed, has posters rising vertically from each side of the headboard only. 

These beds are commonly found with a half canopy for elegance or even built-in lighting for convenience.

Adjustable Bed

An adjustable bed frame is similar to a bed found in a hospital room. 

The head and foot of the bed are fully adjustable allowing you to elevate either area. 

Adjustable beds are great for users with medical conditions or for those looking to relieve pains while they’re sleeping.

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Man sleeping with open mouth suffering from sleep apnea

Ottoman Bed

The ottoman bed is like your typical footrest. However, it unfolds into either a single or twin bed.

This type of bed is great for additional sleep space for sleepovers or the occasional guest. 

It’s also a great space saver as it doubles as a piece of furniture for daily use.

Convertible Bed

The convertible bed is equivalent to a sofa bed. 

It converts from a bed to a couch and vice versa

A convertible bed is a great option for a guest room or office, for an additional sleep area that also doubles as a couch.

Hammock Bed

A hammock made of rope installed in a room

When thinking of a hammock, the mind automatically goes to an outdoor oasis. 

However, many creative people have constructed a safe hammock sleep space in their bedroom. 

The hammock is made of canvas or rope, affixed to a sturdy structure, and suspended in the air.


A futon is found in most apartments, dorms, and small spaces. 

This piece of furniture doubles as both a couch as well as reclines into a bed

It can be found in many styles, with both metal or wooden frames, and any color to fit your decor.

Murphy Bed

A Murphy bed is commonly referred to as a wall bed. 

This type of bed is secured to the wall and has hinges attached, allowing the occupant to raise and lower the bed when needed

A Murphy bed is great for space optimization and is often found in apartments, small spaces, and RVs.

Round Bed

This type of bed is exactly as it sounds, it’s a circular bed. 

The length of a round bed is comparable to that of a king-size mattress

The round bed is great in a TV room or near a large window for lounging.

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One King bed in a low-light bedroom

Open-frame Bed

An open-frame bed is perfect for the minimalist lifestyle. 

It consists of a metal frame with a simple headboard and footboard. 

These frames are perfect for your modern home.

We would bet that you did not know there was such a wide variety of bed frames available. After deciding which type of bed is perfect for your space, needs and style, it’s time to order the perfect mattress.

To help you, we have written different guides on how to choose the best foam mattress and pillows. Thank us later.

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