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Do I Need a Special License to Drive an RV?
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Do I Need a Special License to Drive an RV?

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The simplified answer? No! If you want to buy a recreational vehicle, or even rent one for your vacation, you don't need a special license. However, there are several things to consider before you start driving a recreational vehicle. 

What Is the Driver’s License for an RV?

If you are in Quebec, a simple class 5 license, i.e. for a regular vehicle, will be sufficient. With this license, you can drive all these types of vehicles:

  • An automobile with a net weight of less than 4,500 kg
  • A motorized dwelling, also called a recreational vehicle (RV)
  • A tool vehicle such as a grader or loader
  • A service vehicle such as a tow truck

The same is true in the rest of Canada.

Some Things to Consider Before Renting an RV for Your Vacation

RV before traveling

If this is your first time behind the wheel of an RV or van, here are some rules to follow:

Braking Area

The Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec recommends that all vehicles weighing 3,000 kg or more, with or without a rear load, go through the brake check area. This applies to all types of vehicles, whether it is a pickup truck with a trailer, a car with a trailer or a recreational vehicle.

Traffic in the Tunnels

If you carry more than two propane or butane gas cylinders with you, you cannot use the tunnels! This also includes the gas tank built into the vehicle. Plan your trips accordingly!

Mandatory Emergency Equipment

Remember; you are driving a vehicle that is more than 2 meters wide. Make sure you have 3 reflector triangles or 3 flares with you at all times!

Where to Go Camping with Your RV

RV camping sites

You own (or lease) a recreational vehicle, you have a valid van license, and your RV is in good condition. Congratulations! Are you wondering now where you should stop for your vacation? Here are the places that allow these types of vehicles to stay overnight.


The safest and most enjoyable place to sleep in your RV is at a campground! In Canada, there are thousands of campgrounds that accept motorized vehicles. To reserve, you must submit the number of passengers and the length of your vehicle. Depending on your needs, you can choose a campground with electricity, electricity, and water, or a full-service campground, which means electricity, water and vehicle draining. If you don't have electricity, think of equipping yourself with a Polycool Mattress Topper to keep you cool. Get ready for breathtaking scenery!

Rest Stops

Although it is normally forbidden to spend the night at a rest area, some rest areas in Quebec allow it. However, they will be clearly identified with a sign that reads STOP Overnight RV.

Shopping Malls

Contrary to popular belief, it is forbidden to sleep in the parking lots of shopping malls. Only the Wal-Mart chain allows it, and you must ask permission from the manager before you enter. 

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Have a great trip!


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