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Buy Local: Quebec and Canadian products to sleep better
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Polysleep 100% made in Canada


Buy Local: Quebec and Canadian products to sleep better

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In these times of COVID-19, more and more people are turning to buying locally, not only because of supply and/or delivery problems from foreign companies—or fear of receiving contaminated products—but also to give a boost to local businesses, which need us more than ever to survive. And the good news is that many Quebec companies, in all fields of activity, offer high quality products made here and with local materials!

We live in an era where it’s possible—and super easy—to buy local online! From DIY kits for making laundry soap to organic cucumber seeds for your vegetable garden, including books, clothing and even furniture, all it takes is a few clicks to order and make your purchase, and hop, it’s delivered to your door! In these times of confinement, this is a great way to encourage the local economy, while respecting social distancing!

online grocery shopping

Quebec products in the spotlight

Polysleep is among the companies that offer high quality Quebec products: in fact, EVERYTHING is made in Montreal, even the cardboard box used to deliver your mattress to your home! Our Quebec-made mattresses are made of viscoelastic hybrid foam that ensures you enjoy a wonderful sleeping experience. What’s more, they are designed and manufactured right here, by local employees! #CantBeMoreLocal

We also have our comfortable adjustable foam pillows, made with high quality materials! Baby mattress, mattress topper, cover and foundation, the entire line of Polysleep products is proudly made 100% in Quebec!


Polysleep bed the baby mattress

Many products made in Canada and Quebec are worth knowing; too often remaining in the shadow of large multinationals, which often offer similar products that are much cheaper because of their purchasing power—but sometimes of lesser quality or designed by employees whose working conditions are questionable—small and medium-size local artisan stores now enjoy a surge in popularity that, we hope, will continue once the pandemic is behind us. Here are a few of them, with interesting products for the home!

Maison Tess, products designed in Montreal


Maison Tess

If you’re looking for sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers made from cotton, linen or cotton muslin, check out the Maison Tess website! Offered in different colours and sizes, you’ll enjoy premium quality products at very reasonable prices.

The Unscented Company


Products from The Unscented Company are available in various stores—pharmacies, speciality food shops, etc.—or on their online store. Cleaning products and their refills, all sorts of soaps, liquid and bar shampoo, lip balms, dryer balls, in short, everything for the body, the laundry and the dishes!

Unscented Company products

Le Panier bleu

You’ve probably heard about the brand new Le Panier bleu website, which already brings together more than 9,000 Quebec merchants located throughout Quebec. Online stores or street-front boutiques, they’re all in one place to show you their products. Are you looking for a restaurant offering take-out food, an antique store, a nursery, a computer store, an organic grocery store, an eco-friendly products store, a clothing store, a bookstore, an artisan cheesemaker or a farmer? You’ll find all this—and much more! —on!


le panier bleu

And Facebook?

The popular social network is also a great place to find local businesses, thanks to the many consumer groups that have developed over time. These include the group ‘’Fait au Québec, achat local’ which, with its 134,000 members, offers a gold mine of information on local businesses operating in both major centres and rural areas. What is more, some participants even offer their own products; they’re eagerly awaiting your chance to discover them!


Order online

One thing is certain: Quebec can count on several hundred local businesses in all fields of activity; why buy elsewhere when you can find the same thing here and allow a small business to increase its sales? Think about it! #BuyLocal

Polysleep Box


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