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How to choose a mattress topper?
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How to choose a mattress topper?

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When you need to buy a mattress topper, you want a product that offers the best value for money. But when the time comes to shop around, you’ll find that choosing a topper that meets all your criteria is not easily done! In fact, price, materials, comfort and even technology are all points to consider in your shopping process. Polysleep will help you make sense of it all by giving you a few tips on how to choose your mattress topper!

But first, why use a mattress topper? There are many reasons; however, here’s a quick overview of the advantages of a topper (see the complete post on the subject here):

  • It can increase the lifespan of your mattress.
  • It provides extra comfort and a soft “cocoon” feel.
  • It can compensate for a lack of firmness in the mattress or, on the contrary, bring a little flexibility to a mattress that is too firm.
  • It protects your mattress from dust and dust mites, especially if you choose an antimicrobial topper!
  • It’s easy to clean and ventilate.
  • Etc.


Polysleep topper

  1. What price are you willing to pay?

If you shop for a mattress topper, you’ll see that there’s one for every budget. In fact, you’ll be able to find them starting at $40, up to a price higher than $350. But remember, in the same way that a low price doesn’t necessarily mean a poor-quality product, choosing the most expensive mattress topper is not a guarantee that you’ll get the best product on the market! Also, a model that might suit your best friend might not be to your liking, so take the time to shop around!

  1. Which material is preferable?

It’s all a matter of taste and budget! Cotton, down, bamboo, synthetic fibres, polyester, latex, foam... each of them offers different properties that can be used to soften your mattress or, on the contrary, to firm up a mattress that is too soft, for example with a latex topper. Firmer—even too firm to the taste of some—latex toppers provide good support and are appreciated by many buyers.

Do you prefer hybrid foam or memory foam mattress toppers? Then you’ll enjoy excellent support and a softer bed without it being too flexible. On top of that, they’re perfect for back pain and other muscular tensions.

Among the mattress toppers sold on the market, you’ll find Polysleep’s antimicrobial topper. Designed with the same viscoelastic hybrid foam as our mattresses, it’ll provide you with incomparable comfort as well as all the advantages of the mattress toppers listed above. You’ll see, just one night of testing will convince you that a topper considerably increases the comfort of your bed!

Are you the type who feels the cold? There are heated mattress toppers available! This way, you’ll be warm all night long!

Our antimicrobial topper

Polysleep topper

  1. How easy is the installation?

Almost as easy as serving a glass of water! In fact, when you receive your mattress topper, simply take it out of the packaging, put it on your mattress—having removed the sheets beforehand—and then make your bed as usual, with the fitted sheet over the mattress topper.

People have been using mattress toppers for a long time! They have been on the market for many decades but seem to be regaining popularity in recent years; with all the comfort they provide, it’s no wonder more and more people want to buy one!

Polysleep topper

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