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5 Reasons to Travel in an RV This Year
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5 Reasons to Travel in an RV This Year


5 Reasons to Travel in an RV This Year

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Polysleep’s Takeaway

Travel in an RV this year and experience unforgettable adventures in complete freedom and comfort.

We've all passed an RV on the road and said, "One day hopefully it’ll be us behind the wheel!" Traveling by RV is an activity that is attracting increasing interest, especially if you want to travel in Canada and immerse yourself in the heart of our great outdoors.

Here are 5 reasons why you should plan your next RV road trip:

1. Traveling by RV or the Choice of Freedom

Imagine... the road, larger-than-life landscapes, your significant other and you singing, "Sweet Home Alabama!" without worrying about being on time at a hotel or restaurant. Traveling by van is choosing to be independent and having the chance to feel a freedom that no other type of travel offers. No schedules, no one to consult; you drive where you want, you are free to change your plans at any time!

2. Control Your Budget and Save Money

If you want to travel economically, traveling in an RV could be a very good option! You are completely autonomous and can decide on your daily expenses, a bit like at home. No hotel or restaurant fees! You can sleep in a lot of different places and cook whatever you wish, as well as enjoying local products.

Note that the best van for traveling will also be fuel efficient. This is an important consideration in making your RV your ideal travel companion. Indeed, fuel can be a big expense over long distances.

3. Sleep Comfortably in the Midst of Nature

The reality of our daily lives often takes us away from nature. Spending time in nature is essential to our balance. Traveling in an RV offers the advantage of allowing you to sleep in nature in a great bed (especially if it is equipped with one of the best RV Mattresses, wink, wink!). You can trade in your tent on a crowded campground, and enjoy the view of the sea or the calm of the forest alone... looking up to the stars.

To find out where you can park your RV, we recommend these sites: or

If you want to travel around Ontario, check out our article on the best tent and RV campsites in Ontario!

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4. Live a Human Adventure

As well as presenting the possibility of a great road trip, traveling by van can also be a human adventure.

Contrary to staying in a hotel or an apartment, when you travel by van you belong to a community of travelers with whom exchanges are immediately more possible. You will share a common and singular experience that makes you want to exchange and share your good tips. 

The road also allows you to get lost and find yourself in unexpected places. The unpredictable nature of RV living increases the chances of beautiful encounters on your journey!

5. Rethinking Our Lifestyle and Consumption

You may think that traveling by van is far from being eco-friendly, but it is actually a much less energy-consuming alternative to air travel.

However, beyond the transportation itself, traveling by RV also gives you the opportunity to rethink your consumption. When you have a small space, you have to limit the quantity of objects/clothing, storing as little food as possible to avoid using up all the space, as well as manage a limited water supply. In the end, it helps you to realize how superfluous certain habits or everyday objects are.

So, convinced? If not, here's one last reason to travel in an RV, and it's Richard Desjardins who says: "Do you need a 5-star when you have 5 billion stars in the sky?

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