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Best sleep recording apps to track your sleep
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Best sleep recording apps to track your sleep

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Do you wonder if you do odd things in your sleep — like talking or sleepwalking?

Maybe your significant other has told you some pretty intense or wild stories of things you have said, done, or that you snore so loud they cannot sleep — but you do not want to believe them.

A sleep recorder app is perfect for these situations.

Why use a sleep recording app?

Elderly woman sleeping with her cell phone to record her sleep behavior

When you think of recording your sleep, many people’s minds go straight to a professional or medical setting to monitor for medical conditions such as sleep apnea or severe insomnia. Personal sleep tracking is a relatively new technology that is done using a sleep recorder app that allows the user to track their sleep, how often they wake, the intensity of their snoring, among other things.

A sleep recorder app is not for everyone, especially if you are utilizing one of these apps to determine a medical diagnosis like sleep apnea or other sleep disorders. You can find many different apps through the Google Play store or iOS app stores, such as an app that records sleep talking or a snoring recording app.

Individuals have reported using a free sleep recorder app to investigate any outside noises that have the potential to disrupt a healthy sleep pattern. These outside noises can affect our sleep, whether we remember waking up from them or not.

An app that records sleep talking or a snore recorder is useful in keeping a record of how many hours you are sleeping, how often you are waking up each night, and snoring statistics throughout the night.

Man sleeping in bed with his mobile phone recording his sleep snoring by an application

5 best sleep tracking apps

Many people who search for a sleep recorder app are interested in learning if they do things such as snoring loudly or talking in their sleep, and, if so, what they are saying.

Sleep talking, medically known as somniloquy, is defined as talking in your sleep and being unaware of what you are saying. Sleep talking is more common than people may think.

Below are the top 5 sleep talking apps that record nighttime noises.

This sleep talking app for iOS recognizes, calculates, and analyzes recordings throughout the night. To use this app, simply turn on the microphone recording function through the app before you fall asleep and let the app do its thing through the night. Through artificial intelligence algorithms, sleep status information is produced each morning for your evaluation.

This sleep talking app is compatible with Android and iOS. It is highly recommended as sound throughout the night triggers the sleep recording function in a millisecond and the app begins recording everything it hears. With individual sensitivity settings and recordings sorted by date, it is among the easiest apps to use.

The Dream Talk Recorder app is among the best sleep recorder apps with a rating of 4.7 stars. It can be used with both Android and iOS functions. It not only records if you are sleeping talking or snoring, but it records the noises of those around you, including your partner or children.

With a 4.5 star rating, the Prime Sleep Recorder app is highly recommended. It has an automatic and manual sensitivity level and creates a graph of noises throughout the night. This application records both the talking and snoring of the individual using it. Prime Sleep Recorder is compatible with iOS.

Sleep Tracker: Sleep Cycle & Snore Recorder

This application is used on Android devices to track and analyze sleep patterns and provide users with a detailed sleep analysis report each morning. It helps to identify problems with your sleep pattern and helps better your sleep. With a 4.8 rating, there is no question of why to use it.

Sleep Tracker app running on an Android device analyzing a person's sleep
Woman sleeping with Apple watch to record snoring on device app

5 best snoring apps

Do you ever wonder if you snore? Or maybe you know you snore but are unsure of just how bad it is. Many people snore, but understanding the reason behind snoring is important and a snoring app can record and track how often and how severe your snoring is.

Whether you are looking for a snoring app for Apple Watch, Android, or other iOS functions, we have got you covered.

SnoreLab is a snoring app for both iOS and Android. This application offers a free version and paid version. Both track your snoring throughout the night to help you learn the patterns and better control your snoring. Place your phone next to your bed while you sleep and let the app do all of the work. While the free version only offers a 3-night history report, for $7.99 you have unlimited usage, comparison charts, a full history available, and no ads.

This app is excellent as it records up to 11 hours and automatically stops recording if/when your cell phone battery becomes too low. This app is $3.99 and a great option for those looking to monitor their snoring habits.

SnoreControl is a free snoring app that records both snoring and sleep talking. This app offers a free version and a paid-for option. Both versions offer a “stop snoring” function that helps to quiet you through sounds and vibrations, but the full version offers more benefits to the “stop snoring” function.

Motion 24/7 is one of the few apps that can actually record and track sleep apnea. This app stands out from its competitors as it records all day and night to monitor your heart rate, weight, and daily activities to provide you with daily reports.

Snore Report is a free iOS application designed to track snoring by analyzing sound frequencies. Results are given each morning through an audio playback of the previous night's recording as well as a “snore score”. The higher the score, the more intense your snoring was that night.

Is it safe to use a sleep recording app?

The sleep recording apps mentioned above offer privacy protection, making them safe to use. Of course, there is always a chance of catching outside noises that you may wish you had not heard, depending on the sensitivity.

Pregnant and smiling woman programming sleep recording app while sitting on her bed

Polysleep’s tips for better sleep!

There are several things you can do to achieve a better night’s sleep, such as:

  • Eliminate screen time one hour before bed
  • Use a mouth guard to help reduce snoring
  • Use the Polysleep wedge pillow

Polysleep is dedicated to making your night of sleep the absolute best, which is why we have designed and manufactured the Polysleep wedge pillow. This pillow is made of open-cell premium hybrid foam and a KulKote cooling layer for optimal support and comfort.

The Polysleep wedge pillow is an excellent choice in reducing the effects of sleep apnea, acid reflux, and overall discomfort. It lifts the upper part of your body so your soft tissues have a reduced likelihood to block passages from your sleep position, which helps to limit vibrations. And, with free shipping and returns, a one-year warranty, and a 30-night risk-free trial, there is no question as to why you should not try this pillow.

Sleep talking and snoring are just a few of the discomforts that affect sleep patterns. By using a sleep recording app, improving your alignment, alleviating pressure, and having better support, you are sure to have an excellent night’s rest each night.

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