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Do Bach flowers solutions improve sleep? Here is Polysleep's answer!
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Do Bach flowers solutions improve sleep? Here is Polysleep's answer!

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Currently, you do not sleep well at night. And you know where it comes from: it's the stress of work. And you tell yourself that only a medication will be able to solve this problem. However, you would like to avoid medical pills. So you decide to do some research into supplements that can help you sleep soundly again, and you come across Bach flowers remedies. These seem to help with stress. But is this really the case? Polysleep studies the question for you below!

Anxiety: a potentially very destructive variable for sleep!

We have already discussed the effects of stress on sleep. But a reminder shot never hurts! So, stress is a biological reaction to a situation imposed by the environment. In extreme cases, it takes the form of immediate action in the face of danger. In this case, our body will release a lot of adrenaline and cortisol, which are the stress hormones. Our heart will beat faster, our breathing will be faster, our muscles will be under tension and our senses will be even more sharpened with one goal: to maximize all our strength, endurance and focus to face the threat.

Woman stressed and lying in bed having difficulty falling asleep

However, in today's society, real physical dangers are rare. Yet, we continue to stress the same! The fault is in our system, which is unable to distinguish between a real danger and an emotional threat. Because of this, we stress daily about the issues we face. When our stress is adequate, it allows us to have the energy and concentration necessary to meet our challenges with brilliance. However, it can be problematic if it becomes chronic. Too much stress will simply immobilize us rather than make us react!

And the more you stress, the harder it’ll be to avoid stress, which can create an endless circle. In fact, your excessive stress, via the hormones secreted, will keep you in a state of maximum alertness, interfering with your sleep. This poor sleep will increase your sensitivity to emotions, which in turn will increase your stress, which will keep you even more awake. Breaking this vicious circle will be the only way to return to normal.

Bach Flowers remedies: What are they?

pink bach flower oil, useful for sleep and fatigue

To understand them, let's look at their history. They were conceived in the 1930s by Dr. Edward Bach, a surgeon, bacteriologist and homeopath. He was convinced that our psychological state can have an impact on our immune system, and can therefore influence the development of somatic conditions.

It’s by combining extensive studies in biochemistry, but also plant knowledge, with 7 emotional categories (loneliness, sensitivity, excessive preoccupation, worry, sadness, lack of interest and uncertainty) that he created the flowers bearing his name. These take the form of 38 plant-based solutions, each one attached to one of the seven groups of emotions mentioned above.

In theory, their functioning is very simple: these solutions stimulate the missing qualities in our lives to diminish the harmful feeling resulting from this lack. According to Dr. Bach, it’s the energetic properties of each plant that are at the origin of the therapeutic benefits. They’re thus supposed to correct our emotions but also our physical problems, since the spirit and the body are connected according to Bach.

Bach flower collection box

Do Dr. Bach's remedies work for sleep?

To answer this, we must study the reference system on which they take root. Bach flowers remedies take an energetic view of patients' ailments, not an approach based on science and medicine. And this is explicitly confirmed by the majority of studies conducted, which have shown no real efficacy beyond a placebo effect.

However, if you wish to take the plunge, in the case of too much stress affecting your sleep, you should opt for one or more of the following Bach flowers. Be that as it may, those will never replace an optimal hygiene of sleep, the effectiveness of which was proven many times.

Learn more: What is sleep hygiene?

In short, at Polysleep, we have nothing against Bach flower remedies. However, as sleep specialists, we prefer to offer advice and tips that have been scientifically proven over and over again. If the few adjustments that we have already recommended to sleep better do not work, the best thing to do is to consult a doctor who’ll surely bring you a viable solution. Be sure to see if your mattress is not totally or partially responsible for your poor sleep.

doctor edward bach profile: creator of Bach flowers

Dr. Edward Bach | Creator of Bach flowers

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