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5 tips to take care of your mattress
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5 tips to take care of your mattress

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At Polysleep, we know it, your mattress is your whole life: you binge watch your TV shows from it, you munch on your favorite chips on it and also practice your bedroom sport on it, on top of incidentally sleeping in it. For these reasons, your mattress endures the torments of your active lifestyle, and bears its scars: sweat, stains, bad smells and so on. And one given morning, you wake up with a stuffy nose and have trouble breathing. Bingo: you’re allergic to mites. That’s when you started looking at how to reduce your allergies and realized that the maintenance of your mattress had a lot to do with it. You typed “mattress maintenance” on Google, which brought you on our complete guide to become a pro of foam mattress cleaning. So, don’t waste a second more and keep reading this new guide from Polysleep!


Preliminary: what are the risks of not cleaning your mattress?


Not taking care of your mattress has the first consequence of shortening its lifespan. Too bad, no?


Not maintained, your mattress can become a real dust and mites safe. You’ll start thinking that spring and its allergies continue year-round, even in a country with winters as harsh as Canada! On top of mites and dust, which are serious allergens, your bed could smell like sweat, that’s why it’s primordial to ensure its regular maintenance.


Tip #1: Vacuum your mattress!


For most people, vacuuming is just done on the floor. But you will sleep better and smarter tonight with this fact: you can also vacuum the mattress! Revolutionary, right?


How to proceed? It’s simple: take off the sheets and the mattress cover, then vacuum each surface (the top and every side) of your mattress thoroughly for 30 to 40 minutes. Repeat this process every month, and you’ll get conclusive results: 20% less invisible bugs and undesirable particles. Preferably do so with a vacuum that contains a HEPA filter, so you don’t spread the dust around in your bedroom!


Tip #2: Air out your mattress!


The Polysleep baby mattress is Parent Tested Parent Approved

Some types of UV rays, more precisely UVC rays, have significant anti-bacterial properties. While they might be protected against the cleaning products that you use, bacteria and other viruses aren’t protected against radiation!


That’s why you should take the time to air out your mattress in the sun, to kill all these little beasts, which are very often harmful. Don’t worry about the SPCA, they won’t call you for animal cruelty. Air out your mattress at least once a week, for the longest possible duration in the sun (an hour minimum).


This way, your bed will be healthy in terms of germs, but also and above all, it’ll smell like fresh air. Perfect for seductions under the duvet, no?


Tip #3: Air out your bedroom at least 15 minutes every day!


Pollution is in the air today (in any sense!). But pollution is also linked to the air in your home, and worst: in fact, the air where you live tends to get polluted more quickly than the air outside. That’s where you’ll tell us that it doesn't take being the sharpest tool in the shed to understand this, since the volume of air contained in a house is by necessity inferior to that of a whole planet.


By the way, if not evaporated, your sweat can transform into mold. Again, that’s not the best hygienically speaking, and especially for odors. Would you like to lie down in a bed that smells like blue cheese every night? No? So, treat yourself a little, and air out your bedroom!


Tip #4: Regularly wash your sheets and your mattress cover!


Some boho pillows on top of a Polysleep mattress

It’s kind of obvious: if your mattress absorbs your filth and your liquids, your sheets and bed cover have imbibed even more of it! That’s why it’s better to change them regularly and wash them.


First, the right washing temperature must be selected. For your anti-bacteria/anti-mite genocide to be effective on your sheets, you should favour a temperature of over 66 Celsius degrees. If you like to be fancy and possess silk sheets, then a delicate wash at 30°C is advisable.


And concerning the mattress cover, the major part of them are machine washable. But under certain conditions. For sure, some soaps can damage the fabric. It’s also advisable to scrupulously respect the temperature limits under which to wash your mattress cover, indicated by the manufacturer. Putting it in the dryer is also possible, but it should be at low temperatures for the waterproof mattress covers. That’s because the liquid-repellant plastic that they contain could tear and flake if dried at too high a temperature.


Tip #5: Buy a Polysleep Mattress!


We’re not gonna hide that at Polysleep, we also sell mattresses! And there are good reasons to opt for a Polysleep mattress. Really, several of our mattresses are made up of or contain antimicrobial hybrid viscoelastic foam which, as its name indicates, is anti germs. All our mattresses, including the baby mattress, also provide very good air circulation. You’ll sleep better, since you’ll sleep at the right temperature and sweat less. Because of that, the accumulation of moisture that is the cause of mold, and so of bad smells, is reduced. That’s a guarantee of superior durability, and of easier maintenance. For all that, this doesn’t exempt you from washing yourself, your sheets and your Polysleep bed!


Conclusion: Taking care of your mattress, Polysleep or not, is essential!


You’re now a pro at mattress maintenance, to a point that you could work at Polysleep one day! Let’s still go back on the essential points addressed in our ultimate guide about mattress maintenance:


  • Maintaining your mattress consists primarily in cleaning it and its components (duvet, sheets, cover), which is particularly important if you want to get healthy sleep without allergies.
  • Vacuum the top and sides of your mattress monthly, for 30 to 40 minutes each time. This will substantially reduce the presence of mites and dust.
  • Air out your mattress to kill the viruses and bacteria with the sun’s UVC rays, at least once per week, and for at least an hour.
  • As well, air out your bedroom to circulate the air and reduce the pollution inside it, and to help evaporate any humidity.
  • Regularly change your sheets and wash them, and the same goes for your mattress cover.
  • You can opt for our mattresses which, thanks to the antimicrobial properties of some of their foam, and the optimized air flow, reduce the spread of mold, bacteria, and other undesirable bugs.


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