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Time to Cuddle in Bed for Cuddle Up Day!
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Time to Cuddle in Bed for Cuddle Up Day!

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If you don’t have to work on Monday (or if you plan to call in sick!), you definitely should enjoy Cuddle Up Day! Nothing beats getting cuddles in bed on a cold day. No wonder Cuddle Up Day is in January! In any case, all you have to do is build yourself a nest with a comfortable mattress as a base, your best pillows, and soft sheets for an amazing day of cuddles in bed!

However, just lying in bed all day wouldn’t be any fun. So, for Cuddle Up Day, we have decided to offer you a few suggestions to help you have an amazing time in bed. Staying in bed definitely isn’t boring, that’s a promise!

1.      Cuddle Up Day is the best day for a movie marathon!

The first suggestion is the most obvious one! There’s nothing better than to cuddle in bed with someone you love, or even just a bazillion pillows, to watch that old series you love so much. Among our current Netflix picks, we recommend the TV shows You (to rediscover a Dan Humphrey who is much more diabolical than in Gossip Girl!). If you like classic films, Hook or Legends of the Fall can work too. 😉

All you have to do is stock up on popcorn and hot chocolate, bundle up, and press Play! Give the expression “Netflix and chill” its real meaning for once!

2.      Cuddle Up Day? More like game day!

If you both called in sick (smart move), maybe it’s time to finally play that game that’s been sitting on your shelf since 2010. If you’re alone, catch up on that old role-playing game you’ve been neglecting, perfect your scores in your favourite games, or finally beat that boss you never managed to beat! Who said that you couldn’t challenge yourself on Cuddle Up Day? Plus, you’ll be doing it from the comfort of your bed and Cuddle Up Day is the perfect excuse you’ve been waiting for. 😉

3.      It’s time to get your reading glasses

If there’s a comic book you’ve neglected or a book you keep saying you don’t have the time to read but want to, how about taking the opportunity that’s been given to you with Cuddle Up Day? Just pick up the book, put on your reading glasses and devour those pages one by one while lying in bed comfortably!

4.      Let Youtube decide!

Do you ever just start viewing a video on YouTube only to find yourself an hour later deep into conspiracy theories or finally discovering where ducks from your nearest park are living during winter? No? Well, maybe you should! Just pick a topic that interests you and keep clicking on links.

Your colleagues will never find you as interesting as after this Monday spent in bed. That’s a promise.

5.      Karaoke in bed

We can’t talk about YouTube without at least mentioning karaoke! If you want an original activity for Cuddle Up Day, we highly recommend getting into karaoke for the day! Time to start a singing competition with someone, right from the comfort of your bed.

6.      Don’t forget to cuddle up in bed!

Well, the day isn’t called Cuddle Up Day for no reason! And if you don’t take some time to cuddle up in bed, you’ve wasted one of your precious sick days!

If you aren’t alone, take a power nap with someone! There’s nothing better than to curl up against someone else and just relax. It works wonders on morale, plus you’re getting a sweet nap out of it.

So, how do you plan on spending Cuddle Up Day? In any case, we hope you’ll spend that day the way it’s meant to be: cuddled up in bed, with your partner in crime or your beloved pillow (yes, it deserves some love too!).


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