Top 10: moving house checklist for a smoother move


Top 10: moving house checklist for a smoother move

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D-Day, 9 look at your moving list and bite your lip. The tension is rising in the house as you check everything again for the umpteenth time! We've all been there, even the most organized of us!

The stress of July 1st, a scenario we know well in Quebec where nearly 20% of us are moving on that particular day!

What if we told you that you could make this day a pleasant one, with a top-notch moving list? Okay! Let's go for a top 10 tips to simplify your move and make this July 1st almost a fun day! - and avoid this kind of reaction:

moving day list

1. Your calendar is the best friend on your moving list!

Making a moving list is good. Setting dates is even better! Without a list, there is a good chance you will miss an important element!

This is the problem of the famous extension to-dos that are often rewritten every week... Does this sound like you? Hey, happens to the best of us! So write down dates and stick to them. It is better to be a little less ambitious, and finalize some tasks than to feel discouraged by a too long and unrealistic list;)

Here is a concrete example.

You need a minimum of 30 days to make all your address changes. Perhaps you are a subscriber to a newspaper or magazines and do not wish to renew your subscriptions? Now is the right time! Make a note of the shipping dates in order to cancel your subscription in time.

2. Sorting, and keeping the essentials!

Taking inventory of your belongings should be one of the first things to check on your moving list! This is definitely a good time to sort out, and make a list of what you really want to keep in your new home ;)

The old heavy furniture given by your aunt Sophie for your first apartment is not moving well in the modern decor of your new condo!

The mattress you have been dragging since you left the family nest is probably worn out and good for recycling... If you were planning to change your mattress, you should know that the Polysleep Mattress is delivered free of charge to your home, rolled in a box and ready to use in a few minutes! And because it is made in Montreal, you can count on fast delivery right to your door.

Note that this is also a good time to do a good deed! Organizations are recovering many used goods, here is a list of things to give if you want to help the Renaissance organization!

Another advantage for D-Day? less boxes = less trouble!

So, ready for the farewells?

better moving day

3. Visit your new neighborhood several times

Another important element that should be added to your moving list is a visit to your new neighborhood!

A problem on D-Day? Or just need replenishment in a bag of chips? You'll know where to go right away!

4. Don't forget your address changes

Fortunately, thanks to the Quebec change of address service, it has never been easier to change your address! In a few clicks, 6 departments are notified!

Don't forget to change your federal address as well.

Here are some of the places you may need to notify of your change of address:

  • Subscriptions to magazines, newspapers, etc. ;
  • Your bank;
  • Hydro-Québec ;
  • Your Internet, cellular and television service provider;
  • Your credit cards, if they are not affiliated with your bank accounts.

5. Make a budget!

If only the budget for your move included only pizza and beer for your friends... That would be a reason to move more often!

All this to say that your moving list should also include a line... Budget! Budget for the groceries you will have to do after the move, connection fees for your TV and Internet service, home insurance...

6. Prepare your mover's survival kit! 

Most of your belongings will certainly end up at the bottom of your boxes... And honestly, there's nothing more frustrating than having a scavenger hunt on D-Day!

Here are some things you should think about...

  • Scissors / Portable knife to open your cardboard boxes
  • Garbage bags
  • Toolbox of tools
  • Water and snacks
  • Soap and a towel

7. Make boxes!

Start making boxes and packing everything you won't use until you move.

Many movers even offer discounts to people who make their work easier, with boxes already ready to be moved.

8. Hire a Mover 

If you want to save money, your buddies are probably the cheapest option! Three or four pick-up towers with your boxes and it's settled! Unfortunately, they may be busy with their own move!

So, if you want to make it easier for yourself, we advise you to contact the moving companies as soon as possible. These are often booked several weeks in advance and you may already be late!

9. Animals and moving

A cat or a dog can get pretty nervous on moving day.

Even your beloved kitty is no exception to the rule, believe us.

And since we wouldn't want him to escape through the door every time he goes back and forth, plan to have someone to watch him and keep him safe.

10. Think of the toilet paper!

It may sound ridiculous, but believe us, you don't want to arrive on D-Day without this major element! Well, yes, of age. You are no exception to the rule, just like us;)

There you go! With these good words, we wish you a good move - full of surprises and fun!

If you want to make it easier for yourself, you can try your luck by taking our quiz until June 30, 2019. What's in it for you? The invoice of your moving company fully paid by Polysleep! 



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