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Is it recommended to put your mattress on the floor?
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A mattress placed directly on the floor.


Is it recommended to put your mattress on the floor?

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If getting a hybrid memory foam mattress in a box made in Canada makes you wonder if it is recommended to put your mattress on the floor, the answer depends on your preference.

Can I put a mattress on the floor?

Although it is best to have a bed frame or a box spring to lift your mattress above the floor, technically, it is not required. You can put your mattress on the floor and still get an excellent sleeping experience. 

What are the pros and cons? 

If you are wondering, can I put a mattress on the floor? Here are the pros and cons to consider.


  • Using a floor mattress can improve your circulation. The firm floor surface can distribute body weight evenly, improving blood circulation, which may help to prevent diseases, enhance muscle recovery, and improve overall well-being.
  • The stable floor surface helps in aligning the spine with the neck, stabilizing back pain issues.
  • You can avoid purchasing an expensive bed frame or mattress foundation by putting your mattress on the floor. Getting a memory foam mattress with a support frame can be an affordable way of placing support under your bed.


  • As most high-end mattresses made in Canada are built to sit on a slatted base or box spring, using a floor mattress for sleeping may void your manufacturer's warranty;
  • Sleeping on a floor mattress can expose you to dust mites, bugs, and germs, making you susceptible to diseases;
  • Floor mattresses can have a buildup of moisture that can lead to mold and mildew infestations, triggering allergy reactions;
  • Getting in and out of a floor mattress can be a challenging experience if you have arthritis or joint pains. 
A dog lying on a mattress placed directly on a floor.

How to make a mattress on the floor more comfortable?

  • If you are thinking, can I put a mattress on the floor without damaging it, you need to place your mattress on a finished surface, like a hardwood floor, tiles, or cement. Placing the bed on unfinished surfaces can trap moisture, causing mold buildup and triggering allergic reactions;
  • Putting a barrier between the mattress and the floor can preserve the mattress's quality and protect it from wear and tear. If you are considering what to put under mattress on floor, then choosing a memory foam mattress with a breathable and liquid repellent cover from Polysleep protect it from insects, dust, and grime, ensuring a comfortable sleep.
  • Get a mattress with a thickness between 3 to 6 inches designed to be kept on the ground. You can use a folding or Japanese-style rolling bed that can be put away when not in use. 
  • If you want to know, can you put crib mattress on floor, the answer is, you can. Avoid having a space between the crib frame and the bed to prevent accidents.

Tips for using a mattress on the floor

If you are using a floor mattress:

  • Keep it clean and germ-free by routinely dusting, sweeping, or vacuuming the floor and the mattress.
  • Read the manufacturer's manual to check if it allows the mattress to be kept on the floor.
  • Use a mattress protector to protect your mattress from dust and allergens.
A mattress placed directly on a floor in a bedroom.


Sleeping on a floor mattress can be healthy if you keep it clean and protected from the outside elements. Check the mattress warranty before using it on the floor, as that might void the warranty.


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