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5 Tips to Know Before Buying A Mattress Online
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5 Tips to Know Before Buying A Mattress Online

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When you buy a mattress online, it’s important to keep in mind that the acquisition of it will follow you for many years. The quality of your nights will depend on the quality of your sleeping surface.

It might be easy to buy a mattress online, but how do you really know that the mattress you chose is made for you? Since you can’t lay down on your computer to test how comfortable it is, Polysleep would like to share with you their 5 best tips to remember when buying a mattress online.

Enjoy your shopping!

1. Learn About The 3 Types of Mattresses You Can Buy Online

Before buying a mattress online, it is essential to know and understand the benefits related to what it is made of. On the market, there are basically 3 types of mattresses offered:

  • coil mattresses
  • foam mattresses
  • latex mattresses

What are those 3 type of mattresses and how do I choose one for me? Before taking that decision, let’s delve a little deeper into those 3 types to know what they’re made of.

Coil mattresses

According to the consumer report website, more than 60% of all sold mattresses are coil mattresses. Is it because they’re more comfortable? Not particularly. Coil mattresses are the most sold because they’re actually the cheapest to buy. However, when compared to a latex mattress or a foam mattress, they’re far less durable. They might be comfortable for a year or two, but once the coils are getting age, the bed will lose its ability to support you properly. Within 5 years, you might have to buy a new mattress online.

Foam mattressesIllustration of a foam mattress

Foam mattresses, or memory foam mattresses, are mattresses made of, you guessed it, foam. There are many advantages to a foam mattress, such as their durability, the fact that there is no motion transfer when you sleep with someone else, and the incredible support it provides the body.

For example, the Polysleep mattress is made of a material called Ventilated Viscoelastic Hybrid (VVH) foam. The VVH foam identifies the pressure points, lower the temperature and the firmness of those points in seconds, all while contouring your body!  Foam mattresses are more and more popular and with reasons. Their durability and the unequaled level of comfort they provide make them a mattress of high quality.

Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses are made of latex and generally offer a high level of comfort. However, when compared with foam mattresses, they are still outperformed. Latex mattresses are generally more comfortable than spring mattresses and also outlasts them in durability.

2. Know Your Preferences

Now that you know about the different types of mattresses you can buy online, the second advice Polysleep would like to give you is to know your preferences. Do you prefer a mattress that will go above and beyond what you need in matter of comfort? Do you prefer to buy a mattress online that is cheaper than others? Set your priorities straight and you will have fewer chances of being disappointed with your purchase.

3. Look at the Reviews

Once you have set your eyes on the mattress, read the reviews that come with it. If the website you choose to buy your mattress online doesn’t allow reviews, check the nametag and go on another website. Reading reviews is usually a good way to get a feel of the mattress. Be sure to read both the positive and negative reviews, too.

4. Check the Return Policies

Most companies will offer you the chance to try the mattress- but only after you bought it. However, they generally offer a 100 days trial at home where you can decide whether or not you like the mattress and return it, if you didn’t. When you buy a mattress online, it is important to check the return policies. Since you can’t exactly lay on your computer to try it, make sure they offer a reasonable trial period.

5. Stick to Your Budget and Visit Multiple Websites

Maybe you found the one and only good mattress online for you! However, if it’s over your budget, try to find it on another website. Some mattresses company offer discounts and you might just be lucky enough to find your dream bed on another website.

Cheer up! With these tips, your good night’s sleep is only one mattress online away!


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