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Why Is the Polysleep Memory Foam Mattress So Unique?
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Why Is the Polysleep Memory Foam Mattress So Unique?

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It might be hard to compare a memory foam mattress to another. After all, there are so many different sleeping surfaces in such a large and diverse industry as the mattress one.  Small details often become essential to make the final choice when it comes to purchasing a new memory foam mattress. Knowing all the distinctive elements of a mattress can help you in the decision process.

You will find below a list of the four main aspects that define the Polysleep memory foam mattress as unique and incomparable.

100% Made in Canada

It is our pride at Polysleep to mention that every aspect of our memory foam mattress has been designed and produced in Montreal, Canada. We teamed up with experts to ensure that every aspect of our mattress meets the highest quality standards. The foam contained in the mattress, the liquid-repellent cover that protects it and the box in which it is delivered, they all come from local partners.

The Ventilated Viscoelastic Hybrid foam (VVH)

What is unique about the Polysleep memory foam mattress is certainly all the benefits that come from the foam which it is made of. The VVH foam will identify the pressure points, lower the temperature and the firmness at those points in seconds while contouring your body. It also offers the best comfort and support.

Our memory foam mattress can also allow you to stay cool and fresh all night long in addition to its antimicrobial properties.

Durable Support Frame

A mattress has to be comfortable and provide you with the proper support to allow you to experience the best sleep. We frequently fail to understand the impact that a lack of support from our mattress might have on our health and on our daily routine.

That’s why at Polysleep we added a personal touch: the innovative support frame. This innovative personal touch brings even more support and increases the Polysleep memory foam mattress’ lifespan.

Although mattresses are used to lay down and sleep, it does happen that you sit on the edge of the bed to accomplish a daily task or just to rest. Considering that fact, the idea of adding durable side supports on each side of the mattress so it wouldn’t flatten out or get deformed became crucial.

#d rendering of the Polysleep mattress' layers

Liquid-Repellent Cover 

The Polysleep memory foam mattress has been covered with a liquid-repellent material that fulfills two important functions to provide you the best sleeping experience. First, as mentioned in the name, the cover can provide a protection against accidents caused by any liquid. Moreover, the bottom part made of mesh has been specially designed to allow the mattress to be more breathable and enhance its properties. This way, ventilation is optimal and it can increase the mattress' durability.

We can proudly say, we created a one of a kind mattress that offers the best sleeping surface with the right bounce, the right temperature, and the right price. When buying a Polysleep memory foam mattress, you get a 100-night trial. You can try the Polysleep memory foam mattress from the comfort of your home for 100 nights and benefit from a 10-year warranty.


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