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How much and when to take CBD oil for sleep?
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CBD oil on cannabis plant background.


How much and when to take CBD oil for sleep?

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Millions of people around the world suffer from disorders affecting normal body functions, like stress, anxiety, and sleep.

Cannabidiol, harvested from the Cannabis plant, is a natural alternative to maintaining homeostasis within the body to create balance and stability. Many people wonder when to take CBD oil for sleep.

At Polysleep, a memory foam mattress brand made in Canada, we have performed extensive research to help sleepers understand the benefits of CBD oil for sleep to help them sleep better.

What is CBD oil and why use it?

CBD oil, short for cannabidiol, is one of 80 cannabinoids harvested from the Cannabis Sativa plant.

CBD is often confused with THC, another cannabinoid found in the Cannabis plant, but CBD does not produce psychoactive symptoms or a “high” like THC consumption.

Cannabidiol is a substance that does not impair the function of the brain. It is used for many things including:

  • CBD oil for sleep
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Chronic pain
Sample of CBD oil for sleep.

Does CBD make you tired?

The body is made up of many parts that work simultaneously to communicate direct messages, allowing for balance within the body.

The Endocannabinoid system, a biochemical communicator, houses cannabinoid receptors found in the central nervous system - the area responsible for sleep quality and quantity.

Recent reporting shows 58% of adults who use CBD oil do so to help improve sleep quality whether it be due to insomnia or other disorders affecting sleep.

Sleep quality may be disrupted by several things like anxiety, depression, medication use, chronic pain, increased caffeine intake, or external factors like loud noises.

CBD oil has been known to decrease anxiety, alleviate depression, and induce tiredness to help you sleep better.

CBD oil with cannabis leaf in the background.

Can CBD oil be taken at night?

CBD oil can be taken in the morning or at night depending on the desired effect. When taken at night, it can induce sleepiness to help consumers fall asleep and stay asleep.

CBD oil, when combined with a wedge pillow in Canada, can help you sleep better night after night, helping you to maintain your posture and an open airway.

When to take CBD oil for sleep?

For those looking to consume CBD oil for sleep, the best time to take it will depend on the type of CBD being taken (gummies, food, or drops).

Cannabidiol in food takes longer to digest and take effect as it must pass through multiple systems within the body before reaching its full potential.

For this route, it is best to consume the food at least 30 minutes before bedtime, up to 90 minutes before bedtime, depending on dosages and how it affects you.

CBD drops, placed directly under the tongue, and inhaling CBD through a vape are the quickest routes of absorption as these are immediately processed through the bloodstream without having to pass through the digestive tract.

Experts recommend consuming drops or vaping 15 to 30 minutes before bedtime for the best results.

How much CBD oil should I take for sleep in Canada?

When using CBD oil for sleep, it is best to consult your doctor for accurate dosing. Higher dosages have been linked to sedative effects, making it better for sleep.

However, dosing is based on many factors including body weight, age, and route of consumption.

Research suggests it is recommended to start with a loading dose of 25 mg and increase it as needed for the desired effect.

Three containers of CBD oil and stethoscope on a white background.

Frequently asked questions

Can CBD cause night sweats?

The use of CBD oil has not been linked to increased sweating or night sweats.

Can CBD oil help with night sweats and hot flashes?

Hot flashes caused by menopausal or hormonal changes are often not affected or helped by the use of CBD oil. However, there have been unexpected improvement in studies of CBD oil consumption and hyperhidrosis.

Does CBD help with night terrors?

REM sleep behavior disorders are often the cause of night terrors and bad dreams. The use of cannabidiol is thought to decrease the frequency of night terrors experienced by sleepers. If you find yourself wondering, “how much CBD oils should I take for sleep in Canada”, consult your primary care provider for a starting dose based on your personal information.

Does CBD help dogs sleep at night?

CBD oil can lessen anxiety, alleviate pain, and reduce discomfort for many causes in pets. It is a healthy alternative to melatonin when attempting to help your dog sleep better at night.

Should I take CBD in the morning or at night?

The time of day to consume CBD oil depends solely on the effects you wish to achieve. When taken in smaller doses early in the morning, it can help to boost focus and help you start your day better, whereas taking CBD oil at night in larger doses will help you to sleep better.


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