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Why buy a mattress topper?
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Polysleep mattress topper


Why buy a mattress topper?

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Why buy a mattress topper? After all, you already own a comfortable bed that you’ve had for many years and wouldn’t want to change for anything in the world! But did you know that acquiring a topper is undoubtedly to your benefit? Polysleep tells you more!

But what is a mattress topper for? Whether it’s for comfort, hygiene or any other reason, adding a topper is a wise choice in many ways; here are a few of its advantages.

  1. It protects your mattress from dust and dirt.

If you’re allergic to dust or dust mites, it’s in your best interest to get an antimicrobial mattress topper, which will guarantee you restful and, above all, allergy-free nights. What a pleasure!

What is more, the addition of a topper will preserve the appearance of your mattress longer, and some of them, covered with a protective cover, will also be resistant to spilled water glasses and coffee cups!

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  1. It extends the lifespan of your mattress.

Among the other advantages of the mattress topper, it will help to extend the service life of your mattress. And because you know that buying a mattress is often an important investment, you want to try to protect it as much as possible to keep it as long as possible!

  1. It increases the comfort of your mattress.

If you find that your mattress is too firm, a topper will provide you with all the comfort and softness you need; conversely, if your mattress is too soft, opting for a slightly firmer topper will give you better support and reduce joint pain. If your back hurts a lot, adding a mattress topper could be beneficial and help you reduce muscle aches and pains!

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  1. It’s easy to clean and remove.

Since it’s smaller than your mattress, the topper can easily be removed from your bed to be taken out, shaken and ventilated, a more complicated maneuver to achieve when it comes to getting your King bed mattress out on your front porch!

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Okay, I’m convinced, and I want one; but which one?


Our antimicrobien topper 

You’re now aware of the advantages of the mattress topper. But of course, because of all the models available on the market, you’re wondering how to choose a topper that will not only meet your tastes but also your needs and your budget. Here is an overview of what you can find in stores and online.

Different sizes available

How do I choose a mattress topper? First, make sure you select the right size for your mattress and don’t end up with a King topper if you have a twin bed!

You’ll also have to choose whether you prefer a latex, duvet, bamboo, polyester or heated mattress topper, among others, depending on the type of comfort you’re looking for. While a latex model will suit you if you need more firmness, a memory foam mattress topper will give you the comfort you’re aiming for if your mattress is too firm. And by conforming to the shape of your body, it will reduce pressure points, so you’ll enjoy a more comfortable sleep. Read our complete blog on how to choose your mattress topper!

To summarize, the reasons for buying a mattress topper are as follows:


  • For comfort,
  • To increase the lifespan of your mattress,
  • To protect your mattress from dust,
  • For its possible antimicrobial properties,
  • For the ease with which it can be cleaned,
  • For its price (it’s less expensive to buy a topper than to change the mattress!),
  • And for many other reasons!


Once you’ve slept in a bed with a mattress topper, you’ll wonder how you managed to do without one for so long!

Polysleep antimicrobien topper

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