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Why are mattresses so heavy?
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Why are mattresses so heavy?

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Even when your mattress is from a premium brand like Polysleep, if you feel it getting heavier every year and need extra strength to maneuver it, you are probably right.

Mattresses do tend to weigh more as they get older.

Les matelas ont tendance à devenir plus lourds avec le temps.

Why is my mattress so heavy? 

Mattresses nowadays come in a variety of compositions and textures. If you are wondering why is my mattress so heavy? The composition of the mattress might be the culprit.

Although most sleep specialists recommend sleeping in mattresses made from cotton or similar breathable fabric, mattresses made from natural absorbent materials like latex or cotton can get heavier with time.

On the other hand, mattresses made from memory foam can vary in weight based on their density. The memory foam mattresses that are built from a lighter foam can feel less heavy than natural mattresses or where heavier foam is used.

How much does a mattress weigh?

If as the years pass by, it gets more challenging to lift your mattress to get out to air dry, and it makes you curious to find out how much does a mattress weigh; an average mattress can weigh between 50 to 150 lbs, depending on the mattress type, size, and thickness.

The smaller the mattress size and dimensions, the lighter it will be. For instance, a queen or a king-sized mattress would be heavier than a single or full-sized one. Also, if your mattress is made from natural absorbent materials like cotton or latex, it can get heavier than a memory foam mattress.

Remember that a high-end memory foam mattress can have several layers of foam of varying density to provide the support and comfort you desire, making it a heavier option.

Why do mattresses get heavier?

If lifting your old mattress has become a tedious chore and makes you wonder why is my mattress so heavy? Here are some reasons why your mattress has become heavier with time.

Even when you buy mattresses from classic brands like Polysleep, the raw material, whether latex or cotton, used in building the mattress surface can attract dust mites that may accumulate over the years, making your mattress heavier.

On top of that, the buildup of dead skin cells on the mattress may increase significantly over the years, adding to the mattress weight.

Sleeping on a memory foam mattress built from light, breathable foam can also cause the accumulation of sweat and oils, increasing the mattress weight.

How much weight does a mattress gain?

Although the usual claim is that mattresses double their weight in 8 to 10 years, there is no scientific basis for such a claim.

While a mattress can gain a little weight because of the absorption of oil and moisture and the accumulation of dead cells and dust mites with regular use, the weight gain is a fraction of the mattress's weight in the long run.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some common questions about mattresses and their heaviness.

How much heavier do mattresses get?

If you are wondering how much does a mattress weigh after eight to ten years of regular use, mattresses tend to gain some weight because of the absorption of oil, sweat, and moisture. 

Your mattress can become a little heavier because of the accumulated dead cells and dust mites from regular use. Still, it will not get heavier than double its weight when it is new.

How to move a very heavy mattress?

If you need to move a very heavy mattress, here are some tips you can try:

  • Use a furniture blanket to cradle the mattress by holding the corners of the blanket and carrying it out.
  • If your mattress is large and floppy, you can reinforce it with cardboard and a tie-down strap to stabilize it for transport.
  • If you have an all foam mattress of medium to thin thickness, you can fold it to carry it easily.
  • To protect your back from injury, carry heavy objects like mattresses by bending your hips and knees to squat, pick up the mattress and straighten your legs to lift it.
  • You can rent a dolly or cart from a home improvement store to move a heavy mattress. They have wheels that can help with carrying a heavy load.

How to get rid of a heavy mattress?

The best way to dispose of your heavy mattress is to take it to a recycling center. Some facilities can pick them up from you and recycle them at a small charge.

If you cannot find a recycling center, you can break down the mattress and recycle the parts. You can also reuse the mattress parts for repair projects around the house or in making artwork and home decor.

You can also dispose of your old mattress at a waste disposal center that specializes in disposing of household items for a charge.


If your mattress has become heavier with signs of sagging and feels uncomfortable for a good night's sleep, consider recycling or disposing of your old mattress to get a new one for a comfortable sleep.


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