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Why Do People Sleep Naked (And Why Should You)?
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Why do people sleep naked


Why Do People Sleep Naked (And Why Should You)?

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There have been countless hours of research done on why do people sleep naked. Even though there is no proven scientific data, there is a large amount of evidence supporting why sleeping naked is good for you

The health benefits of sleeping naked might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But read on for our 5 reasons why do people sleep naked and why sleeping naked is healthy.


#1: Tick tock goes your body clock

Your internal body clock is what manages your sleep patterns. It is a natural process that occurs every day. It tells you when you need to rest and when you need to wake. 

For ideal sleep, your body should be able to go through 4 to 5 cycles of 90-minute sleep phases. The phases follow a pattern of light sleep, deep sleep, and REM (rapid eye movement). 

One of the benefits of sleeping naked is it helps you to fall faster into sleep. Good, quality and restful sleep makes you feel better and have more energy to get through the day.


#2: Night moves

We have all experienced feeling hot when sleeping at night. Your sleep gets disturbed and you become irritable through lack of sleep. 

Medical studies have shown there are direct links between insomnia and body temperature. People who suffer from insomnia usually have a higher core body temperature. They should set their air-conditioner on low or use a fan to keep the room cool (or look out for a cooling mattress topper). 

It’s an undisputed fact that we sleep better in cooler temperatures. That is why sleeping naked is healthy, it helps to regulate your body temperature to keep it on the cooler side. Sleeping naked is good for you because you are less likely to wake up through the night.


#3: Workout while you sleep

A surprising health benefit when you sleep naked is that you burn fat. By keeping yourself cool, the body produces brown fat. This is the good fat that burns calories to keep you warm. Burning calories is what boosts your metabolism. This helps you to maintain a healthy weight. 

A review by the Obesity Society proved that weight gain is linked to poor sleep. Cortisol is what controls your blood sugars and stress levels. Your cortisol levels rise if you don’t get enough sleep. So lower your stress levels and start to sleep naked.


#4: Confidence boosting

You have probably heard the phrase ‘to be comfortable in your own skin’. But what does that have to do with why do people sleep naked? The secret is out. It is about confidence. 

If you are a confident person with healthy self-esteem you accept your body for what it is––the good, bad, and the ugly. Just ask a nudist! They spend all day in the company of others without clothes that take confidence. 

One of the benefits of sleeping naked is you can do it in the privacy of your own home. It can help you build your confidence. And we know that confident people are sexy people.


#5: Spice up your love life

If things are starting to fade out in your relationship, then ditch the pajamas and start sleeping naked. When we become intimate with our partners the hormone oxytocin is released. Also known as the feel-good or cuddle hormone, oxytocin is released by skin-to-skin contact and this is why people sleep naked.

Once those clothes come off, sleeping naked is pretty much an invitation to have more sex. Those late night or early morning sex sessions are more convenient when you don’t have pajamas. 

Spice up your love life by sleeping naked and create a sexy master bedroom. For that, create a sexy bedroom design and invest in a bed that you never want to leave. A sexy bedroom lighting is great too if you want to feel like you are sleeping on a cloud.


So if we have learned anything, it is that sleeping naked is good for you! The health benefits alone are worth stripping off and trying out. Consider turning your room into a sensual bedroom too. Check that your mattress is still doing its job. Add a softer color palette to calm the mind. Plump up the pillows and slip between the sheets... naked.


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