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Foam Mattress in Brossard | Free Delivery

A young blond woman is carrying her Polysleep mattress rolled in a box inside her home in Brossard

Hey Brossard and the South Shore! Discover the foam mattress from Polysleep, the mattress in a box that’ll revolutionize your nights! Developed and made in Quebec—just like our Polysleep pillow—our mattress in a box will soon become your favorite sleep partner (we apologize in advance to your other half… #sorrynotsorry). Enjoy our trial period of 100 nights today by ordering your Polysleep mattress and taking advantage of our fast delivery in Brossard and the surroundings! Here are a few other reasons to buy a mattress here; we’re sure it's the best type of mattress for you (we work very hard for that anyway!).


Enjoy all the positive sides of buying online.


No removing snow from your vehicle, no suffocating 95-degree heat inside your car, no traffic, no chasing-your-tail-around-the-parking-lot: buying your mattress online in the comfort of your home is so convenient! In just a few steps, you’ll be done with your shopping:


  • Google Polysleep;
  • Select your mattress size (Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King or Californian King);
  • Add it to your cart;
  • Go back to add your Polysleep pillow before paying;
  • Pay;
  • Receive your purchase at home;
  • Unpack it;
  • Try it and transform your nights forever (well, for the next 10 years at least!).



A fair price for a high-quality product.


Because high quality doesn’t necessarily go hand in hand with high price, our foam mattresses available in Brossard offer premium materials developed in collaboration with chemists specializing in foam, all for a more than reasonable price, i.e., $850 for the Queen size. After all, the objective here is not to loose sleep from such a high price—even if, let's admit it, if you’re going to lose sleep, might as well do it on a comfortable foam mattress than on any other mattress!


Several layers of foam for your comfort.


Every Polysleep mattress that you’ll find close to Brossard is built from different layers of foam, each with its distinctive role:


  • The base layer, made of high-density foam, acts as a boxspring;
  • The transition layer, for maximum support;
  • The top layer of antimicrobial and hybrid viscoelastic ventilated foam, that moulds itself to the body and in a few seconds, lowers the temperature and firmness where it detects pressure points;
  • The extra-firm support frame, exclusive to Polysleep, that keeps the mattress from flattening by reinforcing its structure;
  • The spill-proof cover treated with a repellent to minimize messes from dropped liquids (water, coffee, champagne…)


Order your Polysleep mattress today and enjoy the best nights of sleep!

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