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Foam mattress in Longueuil | Free Delivery

You’ve looked around the bedding stores in Longueuil with the goal of finding the perfect foam mattress, and you’re losing sleep over it? That’s because you haven’t thought about the Polysleep Mattress, also available on the South Shore of Montreal, at your doorstep almost as soon as you’ll have made its purchase online! Truly, we’ll deliver your mattress in a box (free delivery of course)! You’ll then only have to unwrap it in your bedroom and wait for it to expand to its full shape to sleep on it. You’ll have a 100-night trial period to see if the mattress suits you. So if you want to find out more, keep reading, you’ll be seduced!

THE foam mattress that’ll provide you with the best sleep in Longueuil!

Once installed, you’ll feel like your Polysleep Mattress is different from other available mattresses on the South Shore of Montreal. And you’d be right! In fact, we’ve closely studied various configurations of hybrid viscoelastic foams to offer you the best possible one for a sound sleep experience with your new Polysleep Mattress in Longueuil!

It’s composed of a first foam layer that detects pressure points, to provide you with optimal support in all circumstances, while limiting any motion transfer. In the middle, the transitional foam ensures, just like its name indicates, the transition between the top layer previously mentioned, and the layer found at the base of the mattress. It offers unrivalled comfort between the superior and lower foam layers. As for support, that’s the role of the layer placed at the base of the mattress. It’s made with high-density foam, allowing for homogenization of the mattress’ support and this, on the long term. That’s what we mean by foam quality at Polysleep!

Our integrated support frame, a first in Longueuil for a foam mattress!

You must be telling yourself “foam is great at the beginning, but less so after”. And you’d be right about all the other available foam mattresses in Longueuil, with the exception of the Polysleep Mattress! For sure, it features a reinforced frame made of ultra-firm foam, making the sides of your mattress stronger to prevent the flattening typical to foam mattresses you’ll find on the market of the South Shore of Montreal!

Then, with your Polysleep Mattress, you’ll enjoy unparalleled support for many years in Longueuil or elsewhere on the South Shore, and will talk for a long time about the durability of your first mattress to the one which will succeed it!

The Polysleep Mattress, tailor-made to sleep well even in the heat!

You’re probably convinced by the quality of our Polysleep foam mattress, and you’re undoubtedly looking forward to acquiring one in Longueuil, to a point where you’re scared there won’t be any in your size. Fear not! Our star among mattresses is available in the Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and Californian King sizes (if you don’t know which size suits you, consult our guide about How to choose the right mattress size).

So, you’ll inevitably find the one that’ll be suitable for every kind of night, including the hottest ones (we’re talking about temperature here!). The Polysleep Mattress, designed and made in Quebec, features a breathable waterproof cover. On top of that, our open-cell foam structure allows for optimal air circulation. You’ll never be melting from the heat with your foam mattress in Longueuil!

To benefit from the best possible sleep, there is nothing simpler: order your mattress online on our website and we’ll take care of the rest! Still not convinced? Consult our Foam Mattress Guide! The only thing left for you will then be to consult our guide on how to choose your foam pillow, and you’ll be ready to go!

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