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Are you shopping for a new foam mattress in Montreal? Discover the all-new foam mattress from Polysleep—the best Canadian made mattress, hands down! —and you’ll see that your nights will never be the same! Almost 220,000 hours of your life will be spent to sleep; hence the importance of choosing a comfortable and durable mattress that provides unparalleled support. At Polysleep, offering the best possible night’s sleep to our clients. Let’s be honest, this is what any mattress business on the market will promise you! But the true question is: How do we accomplish this miracle? Here are a few answers…

A Revolutionary Type of Foam

You have surely heard of the benefits of memory foam mattresses; forget about any of that! Indeed, Polysleep mattresses are not made with memory foam, but with ventilated viscoelastic hybrid foam. Err… ok, but what is that anyway, you’re probably asking yourself? Well, it’s a product developed with the help of chemist and foam designers, which offers optimal comfort, without sacrificing any support for your head and body.

The Advantages of Ventilated Viscoelastic Hybrid Foam

Thanks to its unique design, our foam mattress allows for better air circulation so that you can keep cool at night, a relief for those who tend to wake up sweaty at 3 a.m.! Also, viscoelastic foam will detect pressure points; it will then reduce the temperature and firmness of these points in only a few seconds, allowing you to enjoy a most refreshing sleep. Our mattresses are also antimicrobial.

You will also notice that our mattresses possess an extra-firm support frame, unique on the market, which prevents the edges of your mattress from flattening out. In addition, you will appreciate its liquid repellent cover, which eliminates the presence of moisture… and prevents your coffee from sinking into your mattress when you have breakfast in bed, while you go get a paper towel!

A Mattress in a Box?

All our foam mattresses in Montreal are compressed, folded, rolled and packaged before being put into a box, then delivered to your door! And if you are worrying about its condition once arrived at your home, rest assured: it will take back its original shape in only a few minutes. You will thus not have to wait a long time to get a good night’s sleep!

And what if I don't like it?

All of our mattresses are sold with a 100-night trial period; if you are not completely satisfied of your purchase, you can return it to get a full refund. However, we are so sure that you will love your Polysleep mattress that you won’t have to even consider returning it!
To learn more about this revolutionary hybrid foam mattress from Polysleep, contact us today and find out more about this product that will change your nights!

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