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Foam Mattress in Oshawa | Free Delivery

A man is unrolling his Polysleep foam mattress and is preparing to install it in his room in Oshawa


Buying a mattress online is the new way of shopping for mattresses; after all, you already buy a lot of things online, whether it's your clothes, your groceries or even your appliances! Opt for a foam mattress from Polysleep and receive it quickly at home, in the Oshawa area! With our trial period of 100 nights, you’ll have ample time to appreciate the many qualities of our mattress—as well as catching up on all those years of lost sleep!


Polysleep mattresses in Oshawa: a good deal!


Our website will help you purchase your Polysleep mattress and pillow online; not only will you save time—since you won’t have to shop around—you’ll also save money. We think that everyone should enjoy the best possible quality of sleep, that's why our products are offered at a fair price! No matter the size of your bed (Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King or Californian King), we have the mattress you need, and all of them provide exceptional comfort.


A foam mattress rolled in a box and delivered to your home in Oshawa!


Obviously, a spring mattress wouldn’t allow us to do that! Each Polysleep mattress is made in Canada and contains high-density viscoelastic hybrid foam; so we can compress it, roll it, fold it, put it in a practical transport box and send it to you!

Our mattress in a box can also be used immediately; yes, you only need to unpack it and, in just a few seconds, it’ll have expanded back to its original shape, so you can enjoy the best night of sleep you’ve had in a long while! And if you’re expecting a happy event, consult our blog to find out the best position to sleep in when you’re pregnant, whether you have a Polysleep mattress or not!


How are our Polysleep mattresses made?


Our mattresses are made of different layers of high-density foam, each serving its own unique function to ensure exceptional comfort: the base layer acts as a boxspring; the transition layer offers maximum support; the top layer in viscoelastic hybrid foam moulds itself to the shapes of your body, identifies pressure points and lowers the temperature and firmness there; the extra-firm frame, unique on the market, prevents the mattress from flattening out (when you sit on the edge for example); and the liquid-repellent cover protects your mattress if you spill your glass of water or your morning coffee.

More and more people in the Oshawa area are opting for foam mattresses, including ones from Polysleep, because of the many advantages they offer; and we work very hard to provide you with the best foam mattress there is!

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