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What is the best sleeping position during pregnancy?

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Are you pregnant? Congratulations! You’re about to experience an all-new adventure in the company of your newborn, but to be in top shape when the baby will arrive, you should be sufficiently rested, and for that you need to know what is the best position to sleep in during pregnancy. And what better to fully enjoy your little treasure than first enjoying restful nights of sleep before its birth? Here are some tips to sleep better during these few months—let's admit it, they’re not always easy or relaxing!


What is the best sleeping position during pregnancy?


Many studies show that sleeping on the side is the position to favour when you’re expecting a baby. Blood circulation is made easier, allowing for better breathing. What is more, by sliding a pillow or bolster between your thighs, you’ll be able to better support your belly.

As for knowing if it's better to sleep on the right side or on the left side, views diverge, some advising the left side while others say that it’s not important. But the most important is to find a position where you’ll be comfortable, right?


And sleeping on your back?


You’re used to sleeping on your back? This position is to be avoided at all costs, especially in the 3rd trimester, since a British study suggested that the weight of the uterus could compress the blood vessels bringing blood to the fetus. But if you wake-up on your back, don’t panic; all you have to do is roll back on your side!

To help you stay on your side, you can place a pillow against your back, whether it’s for a nap of for the whole night.


Besides your position, what’s the best way to wake up well-rested during pregnancy?


To start, by opting for a comfortable mattress, for example a model made of viscoelastic hybrid foam. And good news, you’ll be able to order your mattress online since increasingly more manufacturers opt for this solution. You’ll then receive your mattress in a box, to your door, and benefit from a trial period of 100 nights.

Shop on the web to find the best mattress in a box, depending on the size you need and your budget; and prepare yourself to not only experience amazing nights of sleep, but also the best moments of your life!


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